Introduction: Traveling from Wadi Rum to Amman

Fastest Way with WePetra Jordan Taxi

Traveling from Wadi Rum to Amman doesn’t have to be a challenging task if planning and preparations are made. The most prompt method to cover this journey is by reserving a taxi car with WePetra Jordan Taxi. This taxi duration is approximately two to three hours, which makes it the fastest and most reliable option on the 308km route.

How To Get From Wadi Rum To Amman: The [Fastest Way]
How To Get From Wadi Rum To Amman: The [Fastest Way]

With this service, a driver will be awaiting your arrival at Wadi Rum and will drive you all the way to Amman, eliminating any possible inconveniences. Be aware though that the taxi ticket is the priciest variant, potentially costing as much as USD 153. This transfer option ensures a convenient, stress-free journey, especially after a day spent exploring the wonders of Petra and the serene beauty of Wadi Rum.

The Distance between Wadi Rum and Amman

Overview of the Route

The journey from Wadi Rum to Amman stretches across 308 kilometers. This road trip puts you on a mix of the scenic and hilly Kings Highway and the modern Desert Highway. Both roads offer unique experiences – on one side you get to see the vast desert wilderness, on the other, grand canyons and valleys. If you opt to book a taxi with WePetra Jordan Taxi, your experienced driver will know the best route to take to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Keep your camera ready for the stunning vistas that make Jordan famous.

Duration of Travel

The duration of the journey between Wadi Rum and Amman can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose. When considering the taxi duration, note that traffic conditions can be a significant factor. Your journey by taxi may take anywhere from 3 hr 45 min. Any additional stops planned should also be included in your time calculations. Bear in mind that external factors such as nightfall, inclement weather, rush hour, and weekends could potentially extend your travel time. To avoid any unwelcomed stress associated with tight connections with flights, ferries, or trains, factoring in ample time is highly recommended, ensuring a worry-free arrival at your destination.

Why Choose WePetra Jordan Taxi?

Choosing WePetra Jordan Taxi gives you a peace of mind and offers you numerous benefits that would otherwise be unavailable if you chose public transportation. Here’s why you should consider it:

  1. Private Transfer: With WePetra, you book a rental car that specifically caters to you and your party. No need to share a ride or make unwanted stops. This sets us apart from other transport options.
  2. Convenient Pick-up: The driver, akin to a taxi car, will pick you up right at Wadi Rum, alleviating any stress of hailing a taxi.
  3. English-speaking Driver: You won’t face any language barriers; our English-speaking driver will ensure a smooth ride, just like a private taxi.
  4. Vehicle Options: Depending on the size of your party, different vehicle options are available to choose from, ensuring everyone travels in comfort. This variability in options beats any taxi price, making us a cost-effective alternative.
  5. Pre-booking: Pre-book your taxi transfer with us and avoid any uncertainty. Know that your transport is ready when you are.
  6. Flexible and Reliable: Our rental car service is also tolerant of any schedule changes or shifts in itinerary. Unlike a fixed taxi ticket, your journey will not be ruined because of unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, many travelers have testified of the friendly drivers at WePetra who not only transport you to your destination but can also turn into unofficial tour guides, providing insightful details about landmarks along the way, just like a physical navigation system in a taxi car. They take pride in their country and love sharing their knowledge.

On the other hand, booking a taxi with WePetra offers maximum flexibility – a characteristic crucial to those with time constraints or a desire to explore more freely. Being able to secure your spot up to 24 hours before the journey gives you ample time to prep for your adventures ahead. Not to mention, taxi duration typically range from 3 hr 45 min, providing a far quicker form of transportation than the standard bus service. Moreover, the taxi price might be negotiable and should roughly sit around 115 JD, assuming the taxi ticket is not charged per person. With WePetra, these taxi services are also forgiving of any schedule changes, ensuring smooth travel even when unforeseen circumstances occur. By confirming time with the local provider (WePetra Jordan Taxi) in advance of your journey, you ensure precautions have been taken for an effortless journey.

To summarize, while buses offer an economical taxi ticket option, taxis by WePetra provide a mix of comfort, speed and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your Jordan journey to the fullest.

Sightseeing while travelling from Wadi Rum to Amman

Jordan’s highways are not only avenues for transport but also routes that unveil the country’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural heritage. Among the many, here are four attractively popular routes in Jordan:

  1. King’s Highway: A royal ancient route, the King’s Highway loops from Amman to Petra, one of the most popular routes, crossing through Wadi Mujib and Kerak. It boasts stunning panoramic views of the rift system extending to the Red Sea.
  2. Desert Highway: Spanning from Northern Jordan to the South, the Desert Highway serves as a modern road skirting Wadi Rum’s popular routes along the Eastern edge of the Rift Valley. Fast and efficient, it offers brilliant desert views.
  3. Dead Sea Highway: Famously known as the Dead Sea Road, this captivating path rates high among Petra’s popular routes and tourists’ favorites. The Dead Sea Highway runs along the deep blue waters of the Dead Sea set against a backdrop of rugged brown peaks.
  4. Eastern Desert Circuit: This route meanders past numerous Desert Castles, standing as a testament to the region’s ancient civilization.

Remember that the routes featuring splendid scenery often take a bit longer. If you’re hiring a private driver like WePetra Jordan Taxi, you can customize your route based on areas that interest you the most.

Is it Possible to Visit Petra and Wadi Rum in One Day?

While it’s technically possible to visit both Petra and Wadi Rum in one day, it’s far from ideal. You can start at the Petra visitor center, an essential first stop on your journey, before heading out to explore the grandeur of the ancient city. After, plunge yourself into the mystical charm of Wadi Rum, making sure to pass by the Wadi Rum visitor center, a welcoming hub for all travelers.

The reality is, these two iconic sites each deserve several hours of exploration, and trying to squeeze them both into a single day may leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to fully appreciate the majesty of either.

However, if you are short on time and have your heart set on the idea, there are indeed combined tours with good reviews. These offer full-day private tours from Amman or Aqaba, which provide round trip transportation to both locations; a striking two-hour guided Jeep tour in Wadi Rum; lunch; and entry to the all-encompassing Petra Visitor Center and the homely Wadi Rum Visitor Center.

For those looking to get the most out of their Jordan journey without having to return to the base city each day, we advocate a slower multi-day trip. These tours provide a comprehensive experience, including visits to places like Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana Nature Reserve, Shobak Castle, Little Petra, and even the silk-like waters of the Dead Sea.

It’s crucial to understand your preferences and select a tour itinerary that suits your interests and time availability. Ensuring you start at the Petra and Wadi Rum visitor centers will aid in this unforgettable experience in this enchanting part of the world.

Accommodation Guide

Best Places to Stay in Petra (Wadi Musa)

Petra, nestled in the small town of Wadi Musa, has a range of accommodations available. Tucked definitely within reach of the Wadi Musa Bus Station, the town offers easy access to Wadi Rum via a daily local bus, taxi car or a rental car. Here are some of the best-reviewed places to stay in this area:

  1. Movenpick Resort Petra: Holding 4,802 reviews, this resort is one of the premier locations to stay while visiting Petra. Offering luxurious rooms, excellent dining, and unparalleled access to the picturesque sights, including a relatively short taxi duration to the Wadi Rum visitor center.
  2. Petra Marriott Hotel: With 1,799 reviews, the Petra Marriott Hotel offers splendid views of the surrounding valleys and mountains, coupled with excellent taxi car services, making commuting to and from a breeze.
  3. Petra Guest House Hotel: With 1,656 reviews, this hotel is at a convenient location, allows you to skip traffic and reach the Wadi Musa Bus Station faster.
  4. Petra Sella Hotel: Holding 1,575 reviews, Petra Sella Hotel offers comfortable accommodation, making it an ideal choice for those relying on public transport from Wadi Musa Bus Station to Wadi Rum.
  5. Petra Moon Hotel: This hotel, with 2,236 reviews, is another great option for easy access to the public transport network, especially Wadi Musa Bus Station.
  6. Rocky Mountain Hotel: Holding 6,453 forum posts, this bed and breakfast is the perfect intimate option for visitors with a rental car, offering easy navigation to and from Wadi Musa.

Remember that accommodation options vary in price, comfort, and proximity to Petra’s entrance and the Wadi Musa Bus Station. So it’s worth spending time to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Top Bedouin Camps In Wadi Rum to Stay Overnight

Staying in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum is a can’t-miss opportunity to experience the local culture and landscape in a unique way. After your visit to the Wadi Rum visitor centre, take a short drive to the rum village where you can find these top-rated options:

  1. Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp: Located just minutes from the centralized Wadi Rum village, these traditional Bedouin-style tents can accommodate 1 to 4 people. There are also bivouac-style options to sleep in a cave under the stars, or budget hostel rooms. It includes hot showers and fish toilets available in community bathhouses.
  2. Captains Desert Camp: Conveniently located near the Wadi Rum visitor centre, you have the choice of traditional, colourful Bedouin-style tents or extremely unique rooms in a real cave. A complimentary buffet-style breakfast is included, and they offer a variety of tours, including Jeep excursions and camel tours.
  3. Wadi Rum Dream Camp: Not much further from the Wadi Rum visitor centre, this camp recognised by travellers, provides tent accommodations with panoramic views of the desert landscape. The Camp also serves buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What sets it apart is that it provides authentic Bedouin accommodation with modern comforts like running water and electricity.

Each camp offers a slightly different experience and a unique take on Bedouin life, so consider what you’re most interested in before booking. Whether it’s a traditional camp or a comfortable “glamping” option near the Wadi Rum visitor centre or the rum village, you’re sure to have an unforgettable overnight experience in Wadi Rum.

FAQs: Wadi Rum to Amman Travel

How long does it take to get from Wadi Rum to Amman?

The distance from Wadi Rum to Amman is approximately 308km. Depending on the mode of transportation you choose, your travel time can vary. Should you pick up a rental car from the Aqaba airport, your drive via the visually appealing Desert Highway (Route 15), will typically take around 3 hours and 45 minutes to 4 hours.

This estimation applies under normal weather and traffic conditions. However, integrating a GPS navigator into your journey can be helpful to anticipate potential delays, as there are usually many police checks on the road, and traffic in Amman can be quite heavy—especially during peak hours or if your destination is in the city center.

The taxi duration could certainly be affected by these factors. Also, consider the pickup and drop-off times, as those could potentially alter your total duration of travel. If opting for a taxi, remember the taxi ticket is the most expensive option—it will cost you about USD 153. Always ensure to account for these additional factors when planning your journey.

How much does it cost to get from Wadi Rum to Amman?

The cost to get from Wadi Rum to Amman by taxi can range from 90JD (roughly $127) to 100JD (about $141), depending on whether you’re being picked up from the airport or the city. It’s also worth noting the taxi price might fluctuate due to factors like the taxi car’s pickup location.

Choosing to travel by bus includes an additional taxi fare from the bus station in Aqaba border to Wadi Rum, which typically costs about 25JD ($35). Please keep in mind that these taxi prices are estimated and they can vary depending on the season, taxi’s availability, and other elements.

Beyond the transportation costs, other potential expenditures such as gratuities for your taxi driver, meals en route, or expenses associated with detours, if you’re considering visiting other attractions during your commute, also need to be factored in. Whether you have a rental car or are banking on public transit or considering a taxi, this guide provides the information you need to traverse from Petra to Wadi Rum.