Journey to the Lost City: Navigating Amman to Petra

Why Choose WePetra Petra Taxi?

Our WePetra Taxi service stands as a pinnacle of top-quality transportation, offering smooth, reliable, and efficient rides to the breathtaking city of Petra. Our edge lies in the expertise of our service, where each journey captures a combination of luxury and reliability. Our modern fleet consists of luxury vehicles equipped with the comforts of air conditioning and plush seating arrangements. Fair pricing, underpinned by our expertise in providing top-notch transportation services, and the highest standards of cleanliness make us the preferred choice for travelers seeking comfort, safety, and professionalism.

WePetra Jordan taxi Services, Your Convenience

Imagine the convenience of booking your transportation from the comfort of your hotel room or living space! WePetra Taxi service, utilizing its feature-rich website, provides user-friendly, online booking options where you can seamlessly reserve your chosen ride in mere minutes. We also offer the advantage of 24/7 accessibility via our website for spur-of-the-moment plans or midnight adventures. Encountered a change in plans? No worries, thanks to our free “website” cancellation policy, we assure a worry-free travel experience.

Understanding Our Wide Range of Services

From Amman to Petra: Direct Transfers

Avoid the nuisance of managing multiple travel mediums. Our direct transfer service, including our prompt airport shuttle, offers a comfortable journey straight from Amman to Petra. You can experience a seamless transition from the bustling metropolis of Amman to the serene beauty of Petra. This service, notably including the airport shuttle, is available not just from the city, but also directly from the Queen Alia International Airport. We’re all about convenience, comfort, and connectivity, that’s why our airport shuttle ensures a great travel experience.

Customized Tours available Upon Request

Our commitment extends beyond basic travel needs. WePetra Taxi offers a customizable service to create your personalized tour of Jordan’s captivating sites, including the enchanting city of Madaba. Our team will work closely with you to design a travel itinerary perfectly catering to your preferences. Whether you prefer to absorb the beauty of Petra’s majestic rock structures, wander the ancient fortress of Karak, or desire a taste of the tantalizing Jordanian cuisine, we build a package that perfectly encapsulates your travel vision.

Immerse Yourself in Cultural Exploration with our Guided Tours

Day Tours Around Petra and Beyond

Discover the enticing allure of Petra and its stunning surroundings. Our day tours, each a hidden gem, will take you to renowned attractions like Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, Aqaba, and beyond. These gem-like experiences offer a unique taste of Jordan – whether it’s soaking up Petra’s awe-inspiring topography, the captivating desert landscapes, or a therapeutic float in the magical waters of the Dead Sea. Our tours provide more than just transportation; they’re your tickets to an immersive cultural journey.

King’s Highway Private Tour— Make the Most of Your Ride!

Take an exclusive trip on the illustrious King’s Highway with our private tour offer. This updated unique ride merges the rush of a road trip with a chronological drive through Jordan’s captivation history. As you traverse the updated map of the Highway, indulge in stunning views of imposing castles, Byzantine churches, and the awe-inspiring Wadi Mujib. Our expert drivers will also double as your local guide, providing updated insights and noteworthy details about the iconic Highway and its surroundings. Experience Jordan like never before with this exceptional tour offering that has now been updated for a more enjoyable experience!

Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Professional English-Speaking Drivers at Your Service

Our taxi service prides itself on offering professional English-speaking drivers dedicated to making your journey as seamless possible. Just as praised by our customers on Tripadvisor, the language barrier is non-existent with WePetra Taxi, as every member of our team is proficient in English, facilitating easy communication and thus eliminating potential misunderstandings. From Tripadvisor reviews like the one dated November 26, 2023 where a customer lauded our ability to book transportation in Jordan, to general conversation about Jordan’s culture and history, our drivers are there to assist you and enhance your journey. They are more than drivers; they’ve been rated on Tripadvisor as your local guides, travel consultants, and friendly companions.

Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort: Our Promise to You!

At WePetra Taxi, our foremost promise to you is ensuring unparalleled safety during your adventure. Our proficient drivers, backed by comprehensive data-driven insights, strictly adhere to all road safety measures. With top-range cars like the Toyota Prius Plus and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, coupled with our strict sanitization protocols driven by meticulous data analysis, we deliver ultimate comfort for your rides. To add to your convenience, 60 minutes waiting time, decided upon using extensive data research, is allotted post-landing—giving you the leisure of a stress-free airport exit. Enjoy the efficiency of our service, the assurance of safety, and the tranquility of a comfortable ride, all under one promise – your satisfaction. Our promise is rooted in the use of fine-tuned data analysis, ensuring your journey with us ranks high on safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Our Supplementary Services

Airport Transfer: Start and End your Trip hassle-free!

Arriving at an unfamiliar airport can be stressful and navigating airport taxis even more so. Kickstart your journey on a smooth note with our pre-booked airport shuttle, a convenient, cost-effective alternative to airport taxis. Our prompt and courteous drivers will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall, holding a placard with your name, ready to whisk you away to your destination, ensuring a hassle-free transfer. Our airport shuttle service is also available for your departure, making sure you reach the airport comfortably, timely, and without going over your budget. We are currently offering a generous discount on our services. Through our shuttle service, you never have to worry about missing your flight or getting lost in the crowd. We ensure you start and end your journey without stress and with extra savings.

Business Transportation Services for Professionals on the Go

For the business traveller time is of essence. Recognizing this fact, we offer special services for professionals on the move. Whether it’s to a conference, a meeting or a corporate event, we provide prompt and effective transportation right to your destination with utmost discretion. With WiFi-equipped vehicles, you can continue your work on the move, ensuring you stay connected throughout your ride. Your work schedule shouldn’t be interrupted by travel – and with WePetra Taxi service, it won’t be.