Travelers seeking to journey from Petra to Wadi Rum have the convenient option of taking a taxi, offering a direct route through Jordan’s scenic landscape. This mode of transport provides an efficient link between two iconic destinations: Petra’s ancient archaeological wonders and Wadi Rum’s majestic desert vistas. Opting for a taxi ride ensures comfort, time-saving advantages, and the opportunity for passengers to enjoy breathtaking views without the hassle of navigating public transportation or driving themselves.


Exploring Petra to Wadi Rum by WePetra Jordan Taxi

Wadi Rum Wilderness
Wadi Rum Wilderness

Travelers find that a drive from Petra to Wadi Rum unveils scenic vistas along the King’s and Desert Highways. With rental cars priced at 30-46 JD, which is about 40-65 USD, many choose this route for its flexibility. The journey spans roughly two hours and invites stops for leg-stretching or local treats.

Jordanian roads are generally clear, save some near Amman or Aqaba—drivers must navigate with care due to occasional damage. Visitors under twenty-five or those without one year on their license can’t rent vehicles; they use buses instead. Buses cost less but lack reliability: departures hinge on full seats rather than set times, comforts like air conditioning may be absent, and baggage might incur fees.

Once in Wadi Rum’s protected lands, desert camps beckon adventurers who transfer from car to guided Jeeps waiting at visitor centers—a last stretch into the sands’ heart.


Booking Your Petra-Wadi Rum Ride

In Petra, one can always find taxis for a ride to Wadi Rum. Prices are open for discussion. Once in Wadi Rum, the experience under its star-filled sky is unforgettable.

Leaving there may seem hard as taxis aren’t plentiful, yet with some help – often from local guides – finding transport is possible. Taking a taxi onward catches you by surprise; it’s less frequent but doable with patience and assistance. The journey leads eventually to Aqaba at Jordan’s southern tip where options like buses await.

For instance, Jett Bus services connect back northward towards Amman comfortably amidst changing prices over time reflecting external factors perhaps economic or global concerns. Jordan’s travel options vary. Private cabs offer flexibility but are costly, especially with stops like Jerash or Mount Nebo.

Public buses are a cheaper alternative, unless you prefer renting a car for more freedom. The roads reveal diverse vistas and history, offering both tranquility and adventure. 

Comfortable Transfers from Petra to Wadi Rum

Comfortable Transfers From Petra To Wadi Rum
Comfortable Transfers from Petra to Wadi Rum

Travelers can enjoy comfortable transfers between Petra and Wadi Rum. Options include a private ride that takes just three hours on the Desert Highway or an all-day trip via King’s Highway with stops at Karak Castle and Madaba. With costs starting from $54 per group, these rides cater to various preferences.

For those coming in by air, an Amman airport shuttle offers direct service to multiple destinations including Petra for around $28 per group. A dedicated driver will greet you warmly upon arrival—look out for your name—and assist with bags before guiding you to the car equipped with Wi-Fi. Private transfer services ensure a relaxed journey from Petra straight to Wadi Rum—or vice versa—for about $99 depending on your party size.

Ease is paramount; there’s no need for fare haggles when comfort and convenience are assured en route across Jordan’s iconic landscapes.


Journey Details: From Petra To Wadi Rum

Travelers to Wadi Rum often start in Petra. The desert, a mere 30 kilometers from the highway that joins Amman and Aqaba, awaits beyond clear signposts. For those relying on technology, navigation apps come handy for this journey.

At the preserve’s entrance lies the Visitor Center; here one secures an entry ticket—5 Jordanian dinars—or presents a Jordan Pass for access at no cost. A short trek of seven kilometers leads visitors into Wadi Rum Village where they find their meeting point: Wadi Rum Rest House sits ready by your right side as you enter this hub of adventure. Nearby free parking caters to guests arriving in personal or rental cars—a popular choice among groups aiming for flexible travel through Jordan’s well-maintained roads marked with English and Arabic signs.

Taxis can be pre-arranged without added fees when booking tours. Just request it under “comments.” 

Discover the Desert with Reliable Taxis

Discover The Desert With Reliable Taxis
Discover the Desert with Reliable Taxis

For travelers eager to discover the desert, taxis offer a reliable choice. In Wadi Musa, by Petra Archaeology Park, catching a cab is simple. Just hail one on the main streets and agree on price before beginning your adventure; expect between 35-40 JOD after bargaining.

For those who like company and savings, shared fares with other tourists are an option—just ensure everyone agrees about payment methods as drivers may only accept cash. Car rentals provide flexibility and fun for road trips but remember: pick-ups are in Amman or Aqaba since local options don’t exist in smaller towns like Wadi Musa. Bus rides promise interactions with locals during their longer journey while private transfers score high marks for convenience but come at a higher cost than buses or taxis. 

Planning Your Trip: Taxi Options Available

Travelers can opt for a direct taxi when journeying from Petra to Wadi Rum. Covering the 110km distance takes about two hours, but caution is advised due to some road sections being in poor condition. Hotels are often able to secure a taxi; it’s wise to book early as spots fill up fast.

Departures may be arranged from various locations with taxis meeting at designated points. Alternatively, local buses leave around 9 am from Rum Village, and booking ahead is essential—to facilitate this process one can request assistance through their accommodation provider or another service. Upon arrival near Petra, travelers need to switch buses across the highway for final transit towards their destination—whether directly back at hotels or other preferred dropsites within reach upon completion of your route mapping.


Integrity of Services in Jordanian Transports

Integrity Of Services In Jordanian Transports
Integrity of Services in Jordanian Transports

Jordan’s transport services uphold integrity through clear communication and well-structured options. Travelers can leave their cars in safe spots by the office, easing worries about parking fees at Wadi Rum. Only a personal entrance fee is due there; this cost vanishes with the Jordan Pass.

Car rentals offer liberty on roads marked for ease of navigation, enhancing travelers’ peace of mind as they explore. Local buses run to Wadi Rum village but note: no service on Fridays and departure hinges on full capacity between 1 PM and 3 PM. Taxis from Aqaba present a swift journey to Wadi Rum at reasonable rates while assuring direct drops at our doorsteps—adding value beyond standard airport taxis.

Although no bus routes lead from the border crossing, efficient taxi arrangements outside official zones ensure continuous transit without disrupting travel plans.


Contact Us on WhatsApp for Bookings

To book your journey to Wadi Rum with us, WhatsApp is key for quick reservations. This platform allows you to reach out swiftly if your trip is soon – within three days. Share a message and we’ll guide you through the Nomads Booking process easily on your phone. +962791151602

When using WhatsApp, provide details like names of all travelers, children’s ages, nationalities, desired tour options ranging from day trips to five-night treks in the desert vistas of Wadi Rum. Picking an overnight stay? Choices abound; tents or open-air slumber by our campsite or ‘cave’, each varying slightly in cost.

For pick-up arrangements prepaid via transfer prices listed per city destination are available – shared taxi transfers may be offered as well saving both money and environmental impact! 

Email for Inquiries

Email For Inquiries
Email for Inquiries

Travelers can reach out to with questions about trips from Petra to the stunning Wadi Rum. This protected UNESCO site is famous for its red sands and history of human habitation that may date back over 12,000 years. The valley now thrives on tourism; local Bedouins offer tours, camel rides, rock climbing adventures and more.

Professional guides help visitors make the most of these experiences in this breathtaking area. To arrange a ride or inquire about desert camps and itineraries, potential guests should email their queries directly through the provided address—assistance is just an email away! 
For travelers planning to journey from Petra to Wadi Rum, WePetra’s taxi service presents a reliable and convenient transportation solution. With their knowledgeable drivers and comfortable vehicles, guests are assured of a seamless transfer amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Jordan. Opting for WePetra not only ensures punctuality but also provides an opportunity for passengers to soak in the scenic views without concern over navigation or travel logistics between these iconic destinations.

Choose WePetra for your next trip connecting ancient wonders and desert adventure with ease.