Travelers seeking to journey from the ancient city of Petra to Jordan’s vibrant capital, Amman, often consider a taxi as an efficient transportation option. This choice offers convenience and comfort over public buses or rental vehicles for the approximately three-hour drive through scenic landscapes and rolling hills. Opting for a taxi allows visitors flexibility with their schedule while providing opportunities for stops along the way at notable sites such as Mount Nebo or the Dead Sea, enhancing their travel experience between these two iconic destinations in Jordan. 

Exploring Petra to Amman Transportation Options

Discover Jordan Wadi Gems
Discover Jordan Wadi Gems

Travelers heading to Petra often start from Amman, a journey filled with anticipation. Most opt for taxi services given their convenience and comfort over other forms of transport like buses which require further travel upon arrival at depots. A drive straight from Wadi Musa near Petra back to the city or borders such as Aqaba/Eilat can cost around $35-40 USD, offering direct access without extra hassle.

The magic of Petra lies in its history; carved by the Nabateans centuries ago, it now stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site acknowledged globally. Visitors revel in this ancient marvel sans guide if they wish – an option many embrace for flexibility on sightseeing paths. Exploring does not require a tour guide, but some visitors hire one at park entry points. They seek enriched historical context not provided by signage, a benefit for those with time for leisurely discovery over two recommended days.

Cost-wise, those staying overnight pay 55 JOD, while day travelers pay a steep 90 JOD fee. This is worth considering when choosing between budget bus rides or taxi journeys for swift arrivals at Jordan’s timeless wonders. 

Booking Your Taxi from Petra to Amman with WePetra Jordan Taxi

Booking a taxi with WePetra Jordan Taxi is straightforward. For those in Petra wishing to visit Amman, you can’t book online; only phone bookings are taken. It’s vital to confirm your ride within 24 hours—don’t forget!

Buses from Wihdat Station go often, but they’re packed fast. They charge five Dinars for the trip and it’s best if one acts quickly or risks waiting longer than planned. The journey has no frills — open windows replace air conditioning on the bus making stops just once during transit for refreshments or restroom breaks.

Be ready: if someone closes a window near you because they think it bothers you, feel free to ask them kindly to reopen it. Taxis from tourist areas in Amman reach Wihdat station in 30-45 minutes. The cost is about two-three Dinars, reasonable for the distance, allowing travelers like my friend and me to spend an evening at a Bedouin camp before dusk fell over Petra’s horizon. 

Comfortable Airport Transfers: Petra to Amman

Taxi Trip From Wadi Rum To Dead Sea,
taxi trip from Wadi Rum to Dead Sea,

Travelers heading from Petra to Amman often look for comfort and convenience. JETT provides scheduled trips between these locations, adding luxury with VIP seating options for those ready to spend more. For a quicker ride straight from Queen Alia International Airport closer to Petra than downtown Amman, airport taxis are available but come at a higher cost.

Alternatively, car rentals offer autonomy on the single main southbound route; however, this choice is pricier compared to buses—ensure you have a Jordanian driving license if you opt for this. Private taxis or services like Uber and Careem present another comfortable yet costly solution that prioritizes ease of travel—a plentiful option in busy Amman. For budget-conscious passengers preferring public transport: hail a taxi to “Almujamma’ Aljanubi” South Bus Station where non-scheduled microbuses wait until full before departing—an inexpensive journey despite potential delays.

Before embarking on your Jordan adventure, consider checking out the Jordan Pass online—it streamlines visits across major sites while offering savings worth seizing.


Journey Details for Petra-Amman Travelers

For travelers bound for Petra from Amman, the diverse routes offer unique sights. The Desert Highway is direct; just watch for the turn at Ma’an toward King’s Highway. Though quick, don’t expect stunning views—it’s rather plain.

Alternatively, take a journey down to earth’s lows on Dead Sea Highway. Travelers see Wadi Mujib Canyon and shimmering waters—scenery worth an hour more than dusty roads ahead! If you’ve got time in your hands and seek wonders beyond Jordan’s jewel Petra, choose King’s Highway—a path weaving through historic sites like Madaba.

Feel no rush; break your trip with a stay near Dana Preserve and wake up refreshed for hikes before resuming your drive on this storied road where every curve reveals another piece of Jordanian splendor.


Experience Jordan: From Ancient City to Capital

Experience The Magic Of Taxis In Jordan, Explore Jordan With Wepetra Jordan Taxi: Your Reliable Taxi Service
Experience the Magic of Taxis in Jordan, Explore Jordan with WePetra Jordan Taxi: Your Reliable Taxi Service

Travelers keen on history will be captivated by Petra, once the heart of the Nabatean Kingdom. Here, one finds a blend of Nabatean, Greek, Byzantine and Roman landmarks—echoes from ages past nestled in Jordan’s hills. Scientists have turned to satellite technology to unveil hidden parts of this site; astonishingly more than 80% remains unexplored underground.

A sprawling 60-square-kilometer archaeological park welcomes visitors with its mix of natural canyons and hand-carved facades. Within its bounds lie ancient theaters hewn into rock faces, remnants of monasteries and grand avenues lined by monumental tombs. Often dubbed ‘The Rose City’, it’s known for its blush-colored stone buildings.

Also called ‘The Lost City’, it was hidden from Western knowledge for centuries; new passageways are still being discovered by archaeologists today. 

Seamless Ride with Our Professional Drivers

Travelers in Jordan get a smooth ride from Petra to Amman, thanks to skilled drivers. The journey is stress-free. Guests are picked up at hotels and leave their worries behind as they sink into comfy seats of air-conditioned cars, connected by Wi-Fi throughout the travel.

Drivers greet passengers with placards bearing their names—a personal touch making it easy to spot them upon arrival. They assist with luggage too; one less task for you on your trip! With no need for haggling or fare negotiation, guests relish a service that values time and comfort.

The fleet includes sedans perfect for small groups—up to four people—and minivans if needed. Each vehicle ensures safety comes first while providing modern amenities like bottled water alongside internet access—an added convenience especially appreciated after long flights when settling in might take top priority. Booking this transfer means choosing ease over hassle.

It ensures quick airport meet-ups and direct or scenic routes with stops like Madaba and Mount Nebo if desired. 

How To Reserve Your Seat via WhatsApp

Estimating Fares From Wadi Rum To Amman
Estimating Fares From Wadi Rum To Amman

To book your ride from Petra, chat with a taxi service on WhatsApp. First, find a driver; many are ready to discuss prices in Petra for trips like Wadi Rum’s starry nights. Secure a good fare and enjoy the journey south through Jordan’s grand landscapes. +962791151602

Afterward, if you’re set on Aqaba or returning to Amman via Jett Bus—comfortable and priced at 10 JDS—one can easily arrange it after some delightful days by the sea. Prices have risen slightly since 2018 but remain reasonable considering quality. For Jerash or beyond?

Simply hail another cab—the cost is roughly 40 euros each way—and ensure they wait as you explore. Always opt for kind drivers offering fair rates; trusting one’s instinct matters when selecting who’ll drive you across scenic views to wonders like Mount Nebo en route to the Dead Sea. Remember: Chatting directly through WhatsApp offers ease in getting places safely while enjoying Jordan’s awe-inspiring settings without delay. 

Contact Us Today for Reliable Service

When one plans a trip from Amman to Petra, they have various options. The distance is 230km and it takes about three to four hours by car. For those who prefer driving, renting a car proves the easiest method.

If not driving oneself, arranging for a private taxi offers flexibility and convenience. Public transport adds another layer of possibility with daily buses available—a budget-friendly choice but involves longer travel time compared to other methods. Specifically, JETT operates this service leaving at 6:30 am; tickets are economically priced at 10 JD for one way or doubling that amount round-trip.

Petra sits nestled in Wadi Musa town—only moments on foot from local lodgings like Sunset Hotel offer affordable rates without frills yet close proximity to the historical site’s entrance. Visitors often extend their stay over several days exploring everything Petra has within its boundaries—the intricate architecture carved from rock faces stands testament as an ancient city preserved through centuries. High season months can affect availability, with buses filling quickly.

Booking ahead ensures secure passage, avoiding inconvenience during peak times. 

Secure and Easy Online Reservation Process

For those planning to visit Petra, booking a taxi online offers secure and swift reservations. Safety is paramount in Jordan; the nation ranks among the Middle East’s most stable regions. This peace of mind extends to its well-maintained transport services.

The process begins with choosing your ride from any device connected to the internet – it’s that easy. Travelers can book their journeys without worry, using transparent pricing systems — 55 JOD for a two-day pass or 90 JOD sans an overnight hotel stay allow guided experiences through ancient landscapes at no hidden costs. Payment gateways are reliable and safeguard personal information effectively.

Opting for an online reservation means skipping unnecessary waits upon arrival as well — simple steps lead you straight into clean accommodations ready after each day’s adventure into history-rich sites, ensuring comfort throughout your travels across this welcoming land.

Travelers seeking a convenient journey from Petra to Amman typically opt for taxi services. These offer a swift, direct route between the ancient city and Jordan’s capital. With experienced drivers who are well-versed in both destinations, visitors can enjoy scenic views and local insights during their transit.

For those prioritizing comfort and ease over cost-effectiveness, this mode of transportation stands as an excellent choice to navigate the beautiful landscape of Jordan without the logistical challenges that often accompany public transport or self-driving options.