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Airport Transfers

Our shuttle drivers ensure a smooth and stress-free journey from Amman Airport to anywhere in Jordan. Our comfortable and convenient door-to-door transfers ensure a truly amazing travel experience. Book now and save time and energy with the best airport taxi service in Jordan. Group tour transport

Group transport

Experience the joy of group travel without the stress! With WePetra Taxi Service, transporting large groups around Jordan is a breeze. Enjoy seamless, convenient journeys that strengthen your bonds, while we take the wheel and ensure everyone reaches their destination safely. Explore Jordan together.

Tours And Sightseeing day trip

Experience Jordan like never with our tours that offer exclusive access to hidden gems off the beaten path. Discover Jordan's wonders, including ruins, landscapes, and the Dead Sea, with our tailored plan highlighting its remarkable beauty.

Events transport

Whether you need a ride to or from anywhere, or a return trip after a fun day, we've got you covered. Experience the cozy and roomy feel of our luxurious cars, carefully designed to provide ultimate relaxation for you. Our promise of excellent transportation quality allows you to concentrate on your journey, which is important. With WEPETRA, travel isn't just about reaching your destination, it's about enjoying the ride.

VIP Taxi

Our cab service in Jordan ensures that drivers fluent in English will welcome you at the airport. These drivers are proficient and prepared to offer a smooth journey. Our Amman chauffeurs are fluent in English and skilled at navigating local streets without language barriers.

Personal driver

Experience stress-free travel with wepetra Personal driver taxi service! Our in-depth knowledge of the most sought-after business destinations guarantees you'll never lose valuable time searching for specific locations.We act as your personal driver. We pick you up from your desired location and ensure you arrive on time for all your appointments. Enjoy the luxury of time, convenience, and reliability with wepetra.

Jordan Taxi Drivers: Explore Hidden Gems with

We understand that as a taxi driver, you have a deep passion for exploring new places and discovering hidden gems. That's why we want to introduce you to the wonders of Jordan's landscape and history, so you can share these insights with your own passengers and enhance their travel experience.

Jordan Pass

The Jordan Pass is a valuable travel tool for anyone planning a trip to the beautiful country of Jordan. This pass lets tourists easily visit important sites in Jordan, like Petra, Jerash, and Wadi Rum, without any problems.

The Jordan Pass allows you to visit over 40 attractions in Jordan. Additionally, if you stay for at least three nights, you will receive a visa waiver. This pass is convenient, saves money, and supports local tourism and preservation efforts.

Jordan Taxi Drivers: Explore Hidden Gems with

We understand that as a taxi driver, you have a deep passion for exploring new places and discovering hidden gems. We want to show you the beautiful landscape and rich history of Jordan. You can then share this with your passengers to enhance their travel experience.