Looking for a reliable and convenient taxi service in Jordan? WePetra Aqaba to wadi rum Taxi. We are a popular taxi service that provides smooth long-distance journeys, including transfers from Aqaba to Wadi Rum. and aqaba airport taxi With our range of services and professional drivers, we aim to make your travel experience comfortable and hassle-free.

Why Choose WePetra Aqaba to Wadi Rum Taxi Service?

There are several reasons why WePetra Aqaba Taxi has become the preferred choice for reliable transit in Jordan:

1. Pre-Booking

With WePetra Aqaba Taxi, you can easily pre-book your taxi. But did you know, there are other options as well? Especially if you’re planning a Jordan road trip or a lot of day trips from Aqaba, you can pre-book with car rental companies like AutoEurope and RentalCars.

2. Fare Estimation

WePetra Taxi provides fare estimation, so you can have an idea of the cost of your journey beforehand. This allows you to plan your budget accordingly and avoid any surprises.

3. Customizable Routes

We understand that every traveler has different preferences and needs. That’s why WePetra Aqaba Taxi offers customizable routes. Whether you want to take a scenic route or have specific stops along the way, our drivers will accommodate your requests.

4. Professional Drivers

Our team of professional drivers is experienced, courteous, and knowledgeable. They are familiar with the best routes and will ensure that you reach your destination safely and on time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey while our drivers take care of the rest.

Transfers from Aqaba to Wadi Rum

If you’re planning a trip from Aqaba to Wadi Rum, we highly recommend making an arrangement for a direct route by booking a taxi ticket with WePetra Taxi.

When visiting Wadi Rum, known as a breathtaking desert landscape that attracts tourists worldwide, arranging a round trip with your taxi driver can be a key part of your travel plans. With our taxi service, travel on one of the most popular routes towards this stunning destination becomes easy.

A bit further down the road, approximately 7 kilometers, you will encounter the Wadi Rum Rest House, a convenient place to park your car and meet your guide for the day.

With options available like the “Jeep tour to Wadi Rum desert” or “Full-day Wadi Rum from Aqaba”, your journey from Aqaba to Wadi Rum promises to be an exciting one, fitting perfectly even if you’re on a winter sun break from Amman or coming from an adventurous visit to Petra.

Competitive Taxi Prices

At WePetra Aqaba Taxi, we believe in providing quality service at competitive prices. We understand the importance of affordability, especially when it comes to transportation. Rest assured, our taxi prices are fair and transparent. You can enjoy a comfortable ride without breaking the bank.

Contact Us

Ready to book your taxi with WePetra Aqaba Taxi? Connect with us today through our travel blog to make your reservation or to obtain a quote. Our friendly customer service team, available 24/7, is eager to assist you.

At WePetra Aqaba Taxi, we look forward to providing you with a reliable and convenient transit solution in Jordan, and through our blog, we aspire to create free guides to help you travel more, and travel better.

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Transfers from Aqaba to Wadi Rum with wepetra jordan taxi service

About wepetra Jordan taxi

Service Wepetra Jordan taxi service offers reliable transfers from Aqaba to Wadi Rum. With a team of dedicated drivers, wepetra makes traveling within Jordan easy and hassle-free, even for those new to the country.

Providing friendly service and reasonable prices, wepetra is the locals’ choice whether traveling from Wadi Musa, Petra or any of the surrounding villages.

How do I get from Aqaba Airport to Wadi Rum?

wepetra jordan taxi service in aqaba airport

Upon landing at Aqaba Airport, you’ll find wepetra Jordan taxi service conveniently stationed outside the Arrivals Hall. Their extensive fleet of clean, comfortable cars are ready and waiting to take you to your desired destination, optimally navigated with Google Maps.

The service offers a door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service, help with your luggage, and optional sight-seeing along the way.

Traveling with wepetra ensures you a smooth, 70km journey from Aqaba Airport to Wadi Rum that will typically take about 1 hour and 10 minutes, following a well-signposted road indicated on Google maps.

The service is also pet-friendly, guaranteeing all travelers can enjoy a stress-free journey. It’s a good idea to follow the route on Google Maps or any other GPS navigator.

How to Get From Aqaba to Wadi Rum

How Far is it from Aqaba to Wadi Rum?

The distance from Aqaba to Wadi Rum is approximately 60 kilometers (around 37 miles) by road. If you’re traveling by land, your journey will cover a total of about 50 kilometers (31 miles). Meanwhile, the aerial distance between Aqaba and Wadi Rum is also roughly about 50 kilometers (31 miles).

This means that your average car journey between the two destinations will take about an hour, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Tours From Aqaba to Wadi Rum

There are various tours running from Aqaba to Wadi Rum that offer a unique and immersive desert experience. These tours typically include round-trip transfers from either Aqaba city or port, often in air-conditioned vehicles for your comfort.

Most tours are conducted by local Bedouin drivers in 4×4 vehicles that are equipped to handle the desert landscape. A full day tour usually includes visits to the extraordinary wilderness of Wadi Rum to see its mountains, red dunes, and gorges.

You’ll get to view awe-inspiring sights such as Lawrence’s Spring, ancient rock art, the Al-Khazali canyon, and the Burdah Rock Bridge, with an option to climb to the top

Your journey through the UNESCO-listed wilds of Wadi Rum will be made even more enjoyable with a visit to a Bedouin camp for lunch and traditional tea.

Always remember, booking tours from Aqaba ensures you not only have the expertise of a local guide but a reserved 4×4 vehicle to take you into the desert. Especially for those who’ve docked at Aqaba Port and wish to book a shore excursion to Wadi Rum.

Overall, guided tours from Aqaba provide the most convenient, comprehensive, and secure way to experience the mesmerizing landscape of Wadi Rum.

Getting from Aqaba to Wadi Rum with wepetra jordan taxi service

Choosing wepetra Jordan taxi service for traveling from Aqaba to Wadi Rum offers a comfortable and low-stress solution. Unlike public transportation options, taxis are available 24 hours a day, providing a reliable means of transport from Aqaba, no matter when you arrive.

Wepetra Jordan taxi service offers fixed prices, so you won’t have to haggle or worry about surprise costs. The fare typically falls within the range of 20 JD (around 28.25 USD) one way for a standard vehicle, which can comfortably accommodate up to four people.

This service offers the convenience of picking you up from your specific location, be it an airport, a hotel, or even directly from the Aqaba city center, and ensures a swift, pleasant ride to Wadi Rum. This is not only a journey but an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Jordan’s landscapes on the way to Wadi Rum.

For those wishing to return to Aqaba after their visit to Wadi Rum, the two-way taxi service offered by wepetra can be a smart choice. This can be coordinated during your booking or via their contact form.

With wepetra Jordan taxi service, not only do you sidestep language barriers and navigation issues, but you also enjoy the journey in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Aqaba to Wadi Rum by Minibuses

Traveling from Aqaba to Wadi Rum via local minibuses is a popular and budget-friendly choice. These minibuses run several times daily from Aqaba to Wadi Rum and are a viable option if you hold the Jordan Pass. However, bear in mind these services aren’t driven by a strict timetable, but rather, they typically depart when filled with passengers.

This might involve some waiting time. Should you opt for this route, make sure to discuss probable departure times with minibuses’ drivers in Aqaba the day before your planned excursion.

The terminals are conveniently placed just outside the Aqaba Police Station, providing ease of access. A one-way trip is a steal at 3JD (approximately 4.25USD). Tickets are on a first-come basis and cannot be reserved. Given its affordability and daily use by the local populace for commuting to schools and workplaces, seats are filled quite rapidly.

While this method of transit might seem less structured, it is inexpensive and allows you an opportunity to mingle with locals and immerse yourself in their culture.

However, if you’re travelling with the Jordan Pass or maintaining a strict schedule, considering other modes of transportation would be wise to keep your itinerary intact.

Aqaba to Wadi Rum by The JETT bus

JETT bus provides daily service from Aqaba to Wadi Rum, making it a viable option for travelers in Jordan. The bus departs from the JETT bus station in downtown Aqaba once a day at precisely 08:00 a.m. The ride from Aqaba to Wadi Rum on the JETT bus lasts approximately one hour and costs 12JD for a one-way trip.

To locate the JETT station, refer to the ground floor of the Movenpick Hotel in Aqaba where it was positioned as of March 2019.

Although the JETT Bus timetable may fluctuate occasionally, you can obtain the most accurate information by visiting the bus station personally or by calling them at +962 6 566 4141. Please check their website or send an email to info@jett.com.jo for additional information and to book tickets.

Although a round trip ticket from Aqaba to Wadi Rum and back to Aqaba with JETT is 18JD, make sure to carry enough cash to pay for your tickets.

As things can change on the ground, it is advisable to double-check the prices and times at the bus station a day in advance.

Lastly, the JETT Facebook page is a great resource for up-to-date information, helpful images of the buses, and contact details if you need additional assistance.

From Aqaba to Wadi Rum By Car

If you prefer the freedom of self-driving, the journey from Aqaba to Wadi Rum by car can be quite satisfying. Armed with a GPS or a detailed map, you can take the Desert Highway until you make a turn onto the Aqaba Highway. This route takes you directly into downtown Wadi Rum.

path from Aqaba to Wadi Rum

The path from Aqaba to Wadi Rum, approximately 75 kilometers (47 miles), is a straightforward route that will take just over an hour, depending on traffic and driving speed. While driving, you’ll enjoy the unique landscapes of Jordan, with picturesque views of the desert and occasional wildlife sightings.

Do note that you’ll be driving mostly in desert landscapes and isolated roads. Make sure to check your car essentials like tire pressure, fuel levels, and spare tires. Stick to the speed limit and keep an eye out for free-roaming animals, which can occasionally stray onto the roads.

drive on the right side of the road

In Wadi Rum, your car can only go as far as the visitors’ center. After this point, the Wadi Rum Protected Area can only be explored in 4×4 vehicles, on camelback, or on foot.

Keep in mind that in Jordan, you drive on the right side of the road and all road signs use both English and Arabic. To drive in Jordan, international tourists are required to possess an International Driver’s License.

If you don’t feel confident driving abroad, or if you desire to be free from the burden of navigating, taxi services like wepetra Jordan taxi service might be a more suitable option.

Based on the available options, your choice of transport from Aqaba to Wadi Rum largely hinges on your preferences, budget, and time constraints.

For a hassle-free convenience and 24/7 availability, the wepetra Jordan taxi service is highly recommended. This door-to-door service offers detailed knowledge about the region, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option and are not subject to a strict timetable, the local minibus can serve as an authentic local experience.

Bus services like the JETT Bus offer a middle-ground option, combining relative efficiency with a more cost-effective solution.

Lastly, if you’re a confident driver and prefer the freedom to move at your own pace, consider renting a car for the journey.

Regardless of your mode of transport, exploring Wadi Rum from Aqaba promises to be a fascinating journey into Jordan’s spectacular desert landscapes. Enjoy your adventure!


Taking a taxi from Aqaba to Wadi Rum is the most convenient and hassle-free way to travel between these two locations. If you’re a traveller seeking flexibility, taxis eliminate the need to rely on the bus schedule, especially if you are part of a large group.

Taxi fares are typically around 20JD (approximately 28.25USD) for up to four people sharing, and the journey takes about an hour.

Taxis also shine if you desire a flexible and direct route to your destination. Unlike buses, taxis can pick you up from locations like your hotel, the airport, or even cruise ship terminals, taking you straight to Wadi Rum.

Wepetra Jordan taxi service is a reliable option and one of the most popular taxi services that operate in Aqaba and Wadi Rum area. They specialize in accommodating travellers, offering door-to-door service, helping with your luggage, and they can even arrange pickups from specific locations such as cruise docks.

Their taxis can accommodate between 1-4 people at the same price, making this the most cost-effective and practical choice for families and groups.

Remember, when hiring a taxi, it’s vital always to negotiate and agree on the fare with the driver before starting the journey, especially if you are hiring a taxi without a meter or from a non-official taxi company.

How to Visit the Wadi Rum Desert from Aqaba

How to get to the Wadi Rum Desert from Aqaba

The most direct route to Wadi Rum Desert from Aqaba involves traveling via Highway 15, also known as the Aqaba Highway. This journey, a popular route among those visiting Wadi Rum, covers a distance of approximately 75 kilometers (47 miles) and can be covered in just over an hour by car or taxi.

For drivers, head north along the Aqaba Highway until you reach a roundabout where you’ll take the third exit, continuing along the highway. Keep following this road until you reach the Wadi Rum turnoff where you’ll make a left turn – there are clear, English language signs for Wadi Rum at this junction.

Drive a further 7 kilometers to reach the Wadi Rum Rest House in Wadi Rum Village, which acts as a base for exploring the desert.

Public transport is also a viable option

with local minibuses operating from the bus station in Aqaba, conveniently located near the police station. These buses are a thrifty, although less predictable, alternative to taxis.

Alternatively, arrange a round trip with a taxi driver, perhaps using the wepetra Jordan taxi service, can simplify the journey from Aqaba to Wadi Rum. This door-to-door service makes visiting Wadi Rum a breeze, perfect for those preferring a relaxed and convenient travel approach.

conducting tours from Aqaba to Wadi Rum

Tour operators offer comprehensive desert experience packages, conducting tours from Aqaba to Wadi Rum that include transportation, meals, and even activities–a great option for adventurous souls.

Don’t forget to check the road conditions and transportation status before starting your journey due to occasional weather-related disruptions. Be ready for an experience of a lifetime as you forge your path along the popular routes of Wadi Rum.

How to do a Wadi Rum Day Trip from Aqaba

A day trip to Wadi Rum from Aqaba can be a fascinating experience, immersing you in the stunning scenery and rich history of this desert landscape. Here’s how you can plan your day out, which could include traversing Wadi Rum popular routes or even visiting the Wadi Rum rest house.

plan your day out

Morning: Set off early from Aqaba, possibly by arranging a roundtrip with a taxi driver. The journey will take about an hour. Upon visiting Wadi Rum, first stop should be the Wadi Rum Visitor Centre to purchase an entry ticket (5 JD per person).

Daytime: In Wadi Rum Village, hire a guided tour or a 4×4 jeep tour from one of the local tour operators. Your journey through this impressive desert landscape will include breathtaking vistas of mountains, red dunes, and gorges.

Typically covered attractions include Lawrence’s Spring, Al-Khazali Canyon, Burdah Rock Bridge, and prehistoric rock art— potential postponements on various Wadi Rum popular routes.

Evening: Conclude an exhilarating day by experiencing one of the famous Wadi Rum sunsets from a prime viewpoint. After this, return to the Wadi Rum rest house before heading back to Aqaba through the same route.

If you’re relying on a taxi service like wepetra Jordan taxi service, consider arranging your return trip beforehand to ensure a seamless journey back. This will guarantee a comfortable finish to what is sure to be an unforgettable visiting Wadi Rum experience.

However, always remember the desert can be harsh, unrelenting, and difficult to navigate without proper guidance. Be sure to pack plenty of water, wear suitable clothing, and adhere to the guidance of your tour operator to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Do remember to check the latest travel advisories before setting off on your trip.

What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert – Attractions

Wadi Rum Desert is teeming with awe-inspiring attractions. If you’re planning on visiting Wadi Rum for the day, here’s a breakdown of must-visit areas you shouldn’t miss:


  1. 1. Khazali Canyon: This narrow fissure in the mountain contains countless ancient petroglyphs and inscriptions on its walls, reminders from the humans who have traversed these lands long before us. When you travel the wadi rum popular routes, this site is not to be missed.

  1. 2. Um Frouth Rock Bridge: Light hiking rewards you with the chance to stand atop a naturally formed rock bridge, offering stunning panoramic views of the Wadi Rum desert below.

  1. 3. Al Ramal Red Sand Dunes: A quintessential Wadi Rum experience, Al Ramal sand dune provides a tableau that encapsulates the vastness and beauty of the desert landscape. Sliding or running down these steep sands is a thrilling activity in itself.

  1. 4. Abu Khashaba Canyon: The trail here, one of the wadi rum popular routes, winds through narrow canyons before revealing a stunning open area surrounded by rocks––a magical spot indeed.

  1. 5. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: Named after the renowned memoir by T.E Lawrence, known as “Lawrence of Arabia,” these massive rock formations give you a glimpse of the desert’s majestic and imposing nature.

These attractions, along with others, make your visit to Wadi Rum unforgettable. Tour operators typically include these sites in their guided tours, often starting from the Wadi Rum rest house. Due to the desert’s vastness and the lack of marked trails, it’s recommended to take a guided tour or hire a local guide to ensure safety and a more enriching experience.

The Best & Cheapest Tours in Wadi Rum

If you’re traveling on a budget, there are still plenty of affordable tour options in Wadi Rum. Here are some recommendations for the discerning traveller:

  1. Wild Wadi Rum Tours: Offering an array of tours, Wild Wadi Rum is a favorite among travellers for its local, friendly guides and reasonable pricing. They offer tours of various lengths, including a popular 5-hour jeep tour for 35 JOD per person. This tour includes a Bedouin guide, tea, lunch, and visits to all major attractions in Wadi Rum.

traveling on a budget

  1. Wadi Rum Nomads Full Day Jeep Tour: A full day jeep tour, highly favoured by many a traveller, is offered by Wadi Rum Nomads costing 50 JOD per person. The tour combines a visit to the best valleys, canyons, dunes, and arches of Wadi Rum with stops to hike and explore.

  1. Wadi Rum Bedouin Tours: Another popular choice amongst travellers is Wadi Rum Bedouin Tours which offer a variety of top-rated experiences at affordable prices. A full day tour with them, which includes lunch, costs 55 JOD per person.

Wadi Rum Visitor Center Tours

  1. Visitor Center Tours: The Visitor Center also offers tours which can be booked upon arrival. Prices for these tours start from 25 JOD per person for a two-hour jeep tour.

Always remember that while these prices are given as a guide, the actual price can vary depending on the time of year and the number of people in your group. The onus is on each individual traveller to contact the tour operator directly for the most accurate prices.

Flexible tour packages, friendly guides, minivan service, meals, and drink facilities are typically included in all the above-mentioned tours, earning them rave reviews from travellers worldwide and a spot amongst the best and inexpensive options, providing great value for money.

How to Stay Overnight in Wadi Rum Desert

Staying overnight in Wadi Rum Desert is a captivating experience that brings you closer to the Bedouin way of life. If you are planning on visiting Wadi Rum for the day, consider staying overnight to experience the desert’s tranquil beauty under the stars. Here are some accommodation options for an unforgettable desert night:

Wadi Rum Luxury Night Camp

For those seeking luxury, these bubble tents allow you to experience the desert without giving up the amenities of a hotel. The price includes dinner and breakfast, offering an exceptional view of the stars at night.

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp

For a more traditional experience, consider staying in a Bedouin goat-hair tent. Deep inside the desert, these eco-friendly camps offer a genuine Bedouin experience with traditional meals cooked under the sand and shared stories around the fire.

Wild Wadi Rum Camp

Another highly-rated option, this camp offers shared tents, family tents, and private tents with shared bathrooms. The camp can organize various activities, including camel rides and some of the most popular routes in Wadi Rum.

Bait Ali Lodge

A different kind of desert accommodation, Bait Ali offers chalets, traditional Bedouin tents, as well as a campsite for those wishing to pitch their own tent or park a campervan. This lodge is well-equipped with modern facilities including a restaurant, toilet and shower block, a pool, and Wi-Fi.

Camping out in the open

If you’re up for a real adventure, take a guided tour without a camp and sleep in the open. It’s an unforgettable and tranquil experience but requires careful planning and possibly a round trip arranged with a taxi driver for convenience.

Whether you choose a luxury camp, a traditional Bedouin tent, or the open stars, spending the night in Wadi Rum will truly immerse you in the magic of this desert landscape. After your night under the stars, consider visiting the nearby Wadi Rum Village to round off your trip.

The Wadi Rum Rest House, a 7-kilometer drive from the camps, is a popular stop for tourists. Remember, even in summer, desert nights can be chilly, so make sure to pack some warm clothing. Booking in advance is strongly recommended to secure a spot in your preferred accommodation.

Wadi Araba border to Wadi Rum by taxi​

If you’re crossing from Israel into Jordan at the Wadi Araba Border, also known as the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal, and plan to visit Wadi Rum next, a taxi is the most efficient means of transport.

The taxi transfer from the Wadi Araba border crossing to Wadi Rum takes about an hour and the ride costs around 30 JOD for a car. The cars generally can accommodate up to four guests with average luggage.

While individual taxi services operate in the area, the most reliable option would be something like wepetra Jordan taxi service, which offers stability, insight into the region, and pick up directly from the border crossing.

When you’re planning your timing, be aware of a potential time difference, depending on the time of year, as Israel and Jordan do not observe daylight saving time simultaneously.

There is no direct bus service between the border crossing and Wadi Rum. So, if you’re looking to reach Wadi Rum swiftly, or if you’re traveling in a group, a taxi ride would prove to be the most convenient solution.

Do remember to confirm the price before setting off to avoid any confusion. The taxi drivers at the border generally speak enough English to negotiate fares and directions. However, booking through a reputed taxi service can cut off the negotiation part altogether, ensuring a smooth start to your journey into the iconic Wadi Rum Desert.

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