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Planning travel in Jordan and road trip to petra tours from amman can be challenging for many tourists. This is because of the logistics involved in getting around between different places of interest. In this article, I’ll discuss a popular journey that people want to take: the trip from Amman to Petra.

Many people visit Jordan just to see Petra, which is a famous landmark in the country and also known worldwide. Indeed, amman to petra day trip it’s one of the motivations behind trip to Jordan.

Journey From Amman To Petra

how to get from amman to petra

There are multiple options for traveling from Amman to Petra. You can choose the one that best suits your schedule, preferences, and budget. Continue reading to explore the various transportation methods you can use to travel from Amman to Petra and their respective costs. Finally, I’ll provide a detailed analysis of what I believe are the most effective methods to travel from Amman to Petra.

The article discusses that when discussing the journey from Amman to Petra, it really means Wadi Musa, the nearby town.

What is the Distance Between Amman and Petra?

The trip from Amman to Petra is straightforward and well-liked, being a highly desired day trip in Jordan. The distance and duration of the journey from Amman to Petra can vary based on the chosen route and possible stopovers.

Jordan has four primary north-south highways:

To travel from Amman to Petra, the most efficient route is Highway 15. This highway spans 140 miles and typically takes around 3 hours to complete the journey.

You may opt for the Dead Sea Highway (Highway 65), which spans 150 miles and requires approximately 4 hours to traverse. The terrain and speed restrictions influence this duration.

Tours From Amman To Petra

As previously mentioned, the day excursion from Amman to Petra is extremely sought-after. Consequently, there are countless agencies providing a variety of packages to suit all budgets and preferences. Here, I’ll give you a detailed summary of these tours and what to expect if you choose to reserve one.

Your Guide to Taking a Taxi from Amman to Petra

Most Petra tours start at 7 am and provide transportation for pick-up and drop-off. All vehicles take you to the Nabatean Kingdom in a modern, spacious, air-conditioned car with an English-speaking driver. Therefore, if comfort during the trip is a priority for you, this is undoubtedly a superb choice.

Bus Tours From Amman To Petra

how to get from amman to time to visit petra

Opting for a bus is an additional transportation option to think about when planning your day trip from Amman to Petra. We will only discuss JETT Buses for the journey from Amman to Petra, even though local buses are also an option. JETT is a company that helps tourists travel around Jordan by offering public transport and bus services to popular sites. 

The JETT bus operates daily from Amman’s 7th Circle to Petra, departing at 7am. The final bus from Petra (Wadi Musa) departs at 4pm. Hence, it’s essential to schedule your Petra trip to prevent missing the bus.

Jordan Taxi Sign - Amman To Dead Sea

taxi from amman to petra

Tourists also have the option to hire a cab to reach the Rose City. A cab ride from Amman to Petra is relatively pricey, with a single journey costing approximately 85JD ($120). Cabs are suitable for families or people with limited mobility. However, they may not be the most affordable option for those on a tight budget.

Some prefer to hire a cab to Petra immediately upon landing at the Amman airport. A cab ride from Amman to Petra typically lasts about three hours, depending on traffic and time of day.

For your information, there are two kinds of cabs in Amman: service and regular cabs. Service cabs are white, have a set route and price, while regular cabs are yellow and use a meter for pricing. If you opt for the latter, it’s highly advisable to negotiate the fare beforehand to prevent any future inconvenience.

Private Chauffeur Service from Amman to Petra

Hiring private chauffeurs for your journey to Petra is a highly popular transportation choice. Besides privacy, hiring a private chauffeur has many advantages. You can choose a vehicle that suits the number of passengers and luggage you have. They also offer more flexibility for the stops you want to make during the journey.

You can reserve a private chauffeur throughout the year, with prices beginning at $195 USD. There are numerous online agencies, or your hotel can recommend a few options. Private chauffeur trips to Petra typically last ten hours.

car rental for Petra Tour (renting a car)

Driving In Jordan - Serpentine Dual Carriageway Through The Hills

Renting a vehicle may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it provides unparalleled freedom while discovering a foreign land. In the context of Jordan, hiring a car is arguably the most practical mode of transportation. Queen Alia International Airport houses the majority of car hire services in Amman. Therefore, I recommend you to ease your journey by hiring a car immediately upon your arrival at the airport.

The drive from Amman to Petra usually takes about three hours, depending on traffic and the route you choose. 

The Optimal Route road day tours to petra from amman

Determining the plan for a journey is highly individual, and this is true for Jordan as well. No one can judge better than you what the most suitable method to get to Petra from Amman is. However, I have narrowed down the choices to the two that I believe are

All of them will take you to the ancient Nabatean Kingdom in a comfortable, contemporary vehicle with an English-speaking chauffeur.the best for most travelers. We base this decision on their ability to adjust, the price, and the duration of the trip.

Tours to Petra are undoubtedly the top choice for traveling from Amman to Petra. As previously stated, there’s a wide array of tours available, with varying prices and routes. Another benefit is that these tours run every day, so you can choose the day that works best for you. 

Planning your trip from Amman to Petra? Ask questions about the Amman to Petra route or join the discussion on the Jordan Travel Tips.

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