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The journey from Amman to Petra is one that you don’t want to miss out on. While there are different ways for travellers to travel, finding the right transportation option can make all the difference. Planning your trip with Wepetra Jordan Taxi service ensures a hassle-free experience and allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Jordan. In this blog post, we will take you through the different routes you could take, highlighting their unique features. We also delve into safety considerations for the journey and explore other transportation options like private transfers, bus services, and guided tours for travellers. Additionally, we discuss the feasibility of renting a car in Jordan and compare the costs of different modes of transport so that you can make an informed decision when planning your next trip to Petra.

Overview of the journey: Amman to Petra

Discover the best transportation options for traveling from Amman to Petra. Understand the distance and time it takes to reach Petra from Amman. Plan your itinerary and make the most of your trip to Jordan. Explore the different routes and choose the one that suits your preferences. Get ready for a memorable journey through the beautiful landscapes of Jordan. Often taxi drivers are locals who know backstreets and shortcuts that can put Google Maps to shame.

Importance of planning your trip with Wepetra Jordan Taxi service

Planning your trip with Wepetra Jordan Taxi service is essential for a seamless and enjoyable experience. With their expertise in the area, they can provide insider tips and recommendations to make your journey even better. The convenience of booking with Wepetra means you don’t have to worry about logistics or navigating unfamiliar roads. Their flexibility allows for a customized itinerary based on your preferences and schedule. Safety is a top priority with experienced drivers and well-maintained vehicles. Plus, booking with Wepetra offers great value for money compared to other transportation options.

What is unique about Wepetra Jordan Taxi service?

Wepetra Jordan Taxi service stands out with personalized tours to Petra from Amman. Their knowledgeable drivers provide insights into the region’s history and culture. Enjoy comfortable and reliable transportation options at competitive prices, with customizable tour packages.

The different routes from Amman to Petra

The journey from Amman to Petra offers various routes for travelers. The most popular option is the direct route, taking approximately three hours by car. Another scenic option is the Jordan Valley route, providing breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and its surrounding landscapes. For history enthusiasts, the Kings’ Highway route passes through historic towns and ancient sites, although it is longer and more winding. Consider using a reliable taxi service like Wepetra Jordan for a comfortable and hassle-free journey from your accommodation. Plan your route and transportation in advance to fully enjoy your trip to Petra.

Highlighting Route 15 (Desert Highway)

Route 15, also known as the Desert Highway, is a picturesque route that connects Amman to Petra. Travelers can enjoy stunning landscapes and ancient ruins along the way. This well-maintained highway is a popular choice for tourists due to its safety and accessibility. Along Route 15, visitors have the opportunity to explore attractions such as the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and the vibrant city of Aqaba. Wepetra Jordan Taxi Service offers reliable transportation services on this route, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for solo travelers or groups. With experienced drivers and customizable packages, Wepetra Jordan Taxi Service is an ideal choice for exploring Route 15.

Exploring Route 65 (Dead Sea Highway)

Route 65, also known as the Dead Sea Highway, is a scenic route that stretches from Amman to Petra. Offering breathtaking views of the desert landscapes and majestic mountains, it is a must-visit for travelers. If you’re planning to explore this route, Wepetra Jordan Taxi service is the best option for comfortable and reliable transportation. Along the way, you can visit historical sites like the Roman city of Jerash and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. Additionally, there are hot springs, nature reserves, and adventure activities such as hiking and zip-lining to enjoy.

Discovering Route 35 (King’s Highway)

Route 35, known as the King’s Highway, offers a picturesque and historically significant route from Amman to Petra. Travelers can explore ancient sites like the Madaba mosaic map and the Karak crusader castle along the way. Wepetra Jordan Taxi service provides reliable transportation and knowledgeable guides for this three-hour journey. Whether solo or in a group, the itinerary can be customized to individual interests and preferences. Discover the cultural charm and breathtaking views on Route 35 with Wepetra Jordan Taxi service.

Safety considerations for the journey

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When embarking on a journey from Amman to Petra, it is crucial to prioritize safety. To ensure a secure trip, choose a reputable taxi service with experienced drivers and a good safety record. Additionally, make sure that the vehicle is well-maintained and equipped with functioning seat belts. Taking breaks during long journeys can help prevent driver fatigue. It is also important to follow local traffic laws and regulations and stay aware of road conditions. Finally, carrying emergency supplies such as water, snacks, and a first aid kit is always advisable for any unforeseen situations.

Understanding the option of private transfers

Private transfers offer convenience and comfort with personalized transportation services. They save time and hassle compared to public transportation or renting a car. These services accommodate larger groups and provide additional options like tour guides and customized itineraries. Researching the reputation, safety record, and pricing of private transfer companies is essential. With private transfers, travelers can enjoy a seamless and comfortable journey from Amman to Petra.

Why opt for a private transfer?

Opting for a private transfer offers convenience, flexibility, and comfort compared to public transportation. With direct routes and no multiple stops, it is often faster. Plus, you can enjoy amenities like air conditioning and spacious seating. Having a dedicated driver and vehicle ensures peace of mind throughout your trip.

Transportation options: Amman to Petra by bus

JETT buses offer a reliable way to travel from Amman to Petra, while local buses and public minibuses are economical options for budget-conscious travelers. Enjoy the scenic views along the approximately 3-hour bus journey or opt for a quicker trip by minibus. It’s a popular choice among tourists visiting Petra. So, if you’re looking for the best option to travel from Amman to Petra, taking a bus or a minibus is a good idea.

An insight into JETT buses

When it comes to traveling from Amman to Petra, JETT buses offer a comfortable and convenient option. With their air-conditioned cabins and comfortable seating, passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey. JETT buses operate on a fixed schedule, ensuring timely departures and arrivals, making them a reliable choice for travelers. Onboard amenities such as Wi-Fi and charging ports enhance the travel experience. Booking tickets for JETT buses is easy, with online and designated ticket offices available. JETT buses provide a safe and secure mode of transportation for travelers exploring the wonders of Jordan.

Local buses: An economical option

When traveling from Amman to Petra, local buses offer a cost-effective option. Not only do they provide an affordable way to reach your destination, but they also allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and interact with fellow travelers. With frequent stops along the way, hopping on and off is convenient. Tickets can be easily purchased at the bus station, making it a hassle-free choice for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, if you’re traveling with a large bag, you’ll be charged an extra fee, similar to budget airlines.

The convenience of the taxi service: Amman to Petra

Hiring a taxi offers a convenient door-to-door service from Amman to Petra. Taxis provide flexibility, allowing you to choose your departure time. You can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey with a taxi service. The knowledgeable taxi drivers provide valuable insights and recommendations about the route, including the best way to accommodate your luggage. Booking a taxi service in advance ensures a smooth and seamless travel experience.

Exploring rideshare options: A modern take on travel

Rideshare services like Uber offer a convenient and modern way for travelers to journey from Amman to Petra. These services allow you to track your route in real-time, providing you with an estimated arrival time. With upfront fare estimates, you can be sure of transparent pricing. Rideshare services also offer a variety of vehicle options to suit different preferences and group sizes. Tech-savvy travelers often choose rideshare services for a seamless travel experience.

Guided tours: An enriching experience

Opting for a guided tour in Petra offers valuable insights into its history and culture. With a structured itinerary, you won’t miss any important attractions. Exclusive areas and hidden gems can be explored with professional guides sharing engaging anecdotes. Moreover, connecting with fellow travelers during the tour enhances the overall experience.

Benefits of opting for guided tours

One of the benefits of opting for guided tours when visiting Petra is the expert commentary and in-depth information provided by knowledgeable guides. They can navigate the crowded areas and ensure you make the most of your time at the site. Guided tours often include skip-the-line access, saving you time waiting in queues. Additionally, they offer convenience by handling logistics such as transportation and entrance fees, ensuring a structured and organized visit to Petra. If you’re planning to visit at least a few attractions in Jordan, getting the Jordan Pass is a no-brainer! The Jordan Pass grants free entry to over 40 sites across the country, including Petra. Not only does the pass reduce time spent waiting at the ticket counter, it also waives your visa on arrival fee.

How feasible is it to rent a car in Jordan?

Renting a car in Jordan offers flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace. Familiarize yourself with local driving laws and regulations beforehand. Consider the cost of fuel and parking fees when budgeting for a rental car. It’s a great option for travelers who prefer independence and flexibility.

Things to know before renting a car

When renting a car in Jordan, there are a few important things to keep in mind. International visitors will need a valid driver’s license and passport to rent a car. To secure the best rates and availability, it is advisable to book the rental car in advance. Familiarize yourself with local road signs and driving etiquette in Jordan. Consider renting a GPS or using smartphone navigation apps for easy navigation. Before driving off, make sure to check the rental car for any existing damages and take photos. Prices for car rentals in Jordan aren’t too steep, with daily rates between 25-40 JOD (approximately $35-55 USD). Especially if you’re splitting the cost with one or more travel partners, renting a car in Jordan is one of the most economical options for getting around on your own schedule.

How does the cost of different transport options compare?

When it comes to the cost of traveling from Amman to Petra, bus travel is the most economical option. Taxi services provide convenience but are generally more expensive. Rideshare services like Uber offer a middle-ground in terms of cost. Guided tours can vary in price depending on the level of service. Renting a car gives you freedom but can be costly due to fuel and rental fees.


In conclusion, planning your journey from Amman to Petra requires careful consideration of various factors such as safety, convenience, and cost. Wepetra Jordan Taxi service offers a unique and reliable option for transportation, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable experience. Whether you choose to explore the different routes by car, opt for guided tours, or consider public transportation, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and convenience. Remember to research and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option before making a decision. Ultimately, the choice of transportation depends on your preferences and needs. Plan ahead, make informed decisions, and enjoy the breathtaking journey from Amman to Petra with Wepetra Jordan Taxi service.

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