Wepetra Jordan Transport, Tours, Costs, Taxis and Safety – 2024

Wepetra Jordan Transport, Tours, Costs, Taxis And Safety - 2024

Introduction to WePetra Discovering Petra – A Brief History Following a nomadic lifestyle, the Nabataeans rose to prominence by governing the overland spice trade between Asia and the Mediterranean during the 1st century BC. With their capital established at Petra, an ancient Jordan treasure, it served as a monument standing against the harsh Arabian landscapes. […]

Ramadan in Jordan: Experiencing the Holy Month

Ramadan In Jordan: Experiencing The Holy Month

As the sun sets over the rose-hued city of Petra, a profound stillness blankets the fasting crowd gathered to break their daily fast. In the warm embrace of twilight, the hypnotic call to prayer resonates, marking the end of another day’s spiritual cleanse. And as the first morsel of dates touches the lips of the […]

is jordan safe to travel: Since the Attack on Israel, Gaza attack

Jordan Travel: Is It Safe To Travel Right Now, Since The Attack On Israel, Gaza Attack

Inquiring the Safety in Jordan: The Current state of Tourism amidst Israel Conflict, is jordan safe? is jordan safe? The political situation in Jordan is stable. However, according to the FCDO, a number of demonstrations, sometimes leading to civil unrest, do take place in Amman, Jerash and other cities across Jordan. While the majority of […]