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Introduction to WePetra

Discovering Petra – A Brief History

Following a nomadic lifestyle, the Nabataeans rose to prominence by governing the overland spice trade between Asia and the Mediterranean during the 1st century BC. With their capital established at Petra, an ancient Jordan treasure, it served as a monument standing against the harsh Arabian landscapes. Petra, the city carved from sandstone, was the beacon of safety for merchants en route through harsh desert. With time and shifting trade routes towards the Red Sea and Dead Sea, the Nabataeans’ influence declined leading to their annexation by the Romans.

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Petra thrived as a Roman settlement until a devastating earthquake in the 4th century AD damaged much of the city. Gradually abandoned, today we see its popular routes travelled by Bedouins who repurposed the tombs and buildings into homes. In the 19th century, following a visit by a Swiss explorer, the Rose City of Petra regained attention, sparking renewed interest among European travelers and artists. Today, the mystical sandstone city of Petra stands as an iconic symbol of ancient Jordan heritage.

Why WePetra? Our Distinctive Services

Finding a reliable and trusted provider for your memorable trip to Petra is itself a substantial part of the journey. That’s where we step in. At WePetra, we firmly believe in providing you with a premium service that not only takes care of all your travel needs but also goes the extra mile to ensure that your Jordanian experience is inimitable.

Our diversified and competitively priced vacation packages cover everything, from accommodation bookings and charter taxi transfers to immersive guided tours around Petra and other significant Jordanian attractions. Enjoy Michelin star worthy dining experiences, hand-curated from local chefs who infuse traditional Bedouin cuisine with a touch of Jordanian elegance—an unforgettable gastronomic journey awaiting you.

We at WePetra optimize our offerings by working closely with our skilled native guides, who take you through Petra’s winding trails, narrating stories embedded in its rock faces—much like a walk back in time. These guides ensure you feel like a premium traveller, exploring the hidden treasures of Jordan. Furthermore, our welcoming customer service team is always available to answer your concerns, helping create a travel plan tailored to suit your preference. By choosing us, you enjoy unrivalled service quality and the most competitive pricing—an unmatched, delightful blend making your Jordanian expedition unforgettable.

In short, WePetra is more than a service, it’s an experience—an epitome of authentic Jordanian hospitality. We pride ourselves in providing top quality transport options for our distinguished clientele. Trust us; we will make your travel dreams come to life. We also take privacy very seriously and ensure the protection and confidential handling of your data.

Journey Planning with WePetra

Locating the Best Accommodation in Petra

Finding an ideal place to stay is a crucial part of any travel experience, and in Petra, options are vast. Ranging from luxury resorts situated right opposite the famous archaeological site to charming guesthouses farther into the hills, Petra offers accommodations to suit every budget and taste. Conveniently, most accommodations provide secured bags storage, so if you opt to explore places like the Treasury Viewpoint in a rental car, your belongings will be safe.

The town of Wadi Musa, which includes the Petra Visitors Center booth, has evolved to cater to visitors of Petra and provides a plethora of choices. Here, you will find a trove of beguiling hotels, eateries, souvenir shops, and travel agencies, all set against the backdrop of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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For a splurge, consider the Mövenpick Resort, a lavish five-star establishment situated just across the street from Petra. Mövenpick boasts over 180 well-appointed rooms and suites all fitted with modern amenities, seven on-site dining and drinking establishments, an outdoor pool, and an enchanting rooftop viewpoint. Live music performances from here often fill the sunset hours with entertainment.

On the mid-range spectrum, Petra Guest House is an excellent choice. Sitting next door to Petra’s visitor center, this four-star guest house offers comfortable rooms and self-contained chalets that overlook the stunning mountains and valleys surrounding Wadi Musa. An on-site restaurant, a scenic terrace, and an appealing cave bar complete this charming package.

Budget-conscious travelers have not been forgotten in Petra. Hotels situated further away on the hills like the Rocky Mountain Hotel provide great value. This charming family-run guesthouse even offers complimentary shuttle services for your excursions, such as your planned trip to the Royal Jordanian sites or rental car pickup locations.

Whether your preference is luxury, affordability, or a balance of both, locating your perfect accommodation in Petra is easier than you think.

When choosing from the wealth of accommodations in the Petra region, consider these highly recommended options, each offering unique features that cater to various travel preferences:

  1. 1. Mövenpick Resort Petra: This luxury hotel sits opposite the Petra Visitor Centre and offers guests a myriad of amenities including a swimming pool, well-appointed rooms, and diverse dining options. Its wonderful location means easy exploration of the UNESCO site of Petra, making it a preferred choice for luxury seekers. More information can be found here.
  2. 2. Petra Guest House Hotel: Ideal for the mid-range budget traveler, this hotel is renowned for its famous cave bar and excellent location, right next to the Petra Visitor Centre. With its comfortable rooms and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, your stay here will significantly enhance your Petra experience. You can reserve your room here.
  3. 3. Esperanza Petra: This budget hotel located in the lower town of Wadi Musa offers a rooftop restaurant with stunning views. It provides high-quality accommodation at an attractive price point, proving good deals can still mean comfort. Check its prices and availability here.
  4. 4. Rocky Mountain Hotel: For those wishing to lodge a bit farther from the city’s hustle, this simple, family-run guesthouse on the hillside is a great choice. Their free shuttles mean easy access to Petra, and enjoy complimentary tea or coffee on their roof terrace. Book your stay here.
  5. 5. Petra Bubble Luxotel: For the ultimate glamping experience, consider this unique hotel. It offers plush, bubble-shaped tents with unrivaled views of the nearby Wadis and gives a new meaning to sleeping under the stars. More details can be found here.

No matter the budget or requirements, there’s a hotel in Petra to suit every visitor. Take the time to research and make your pick, and then let the magic of Petra take over. Maybe even add a fun day out with a Jeep tour or a visit to the Dana Nature Reserve to ensure an unforgettable journey, not just for the duration of your stay, but for a lifetime.

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Private Transfer Services from Petra to Wadi Rum or Dead Sea

Planning your route and transportation between Jordan’s top attractions like Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the area. That’s where our private charter taxi services come to your rescue. We have intricately shaped an efficient and comfortable journey with our transport options for you, which notably includes using a jeep where favourable. Our services ensure a seamless journey to your desired destination.

If you’re keen on visiting Petra and the spectacular Wadi Rum, we offer private one-way transfers that include a phenomenal jeep tour, as recommended by countless enthusiastic Tripadvisor reviews. Our professionally trained, English-speaking drivers meet you at your hotel in either location, assist with your luggage, and usher you into a spick-and-span vehicle equipped with both air-conditioning and free WiFi. You can lean back and unwind during the immersive 2-hour jeep tour drive, exploring the stunning desert landscapes and staying connected with onboard WiFi. Starting price for this unmatched service is $135 per group.

To start your wonderful journey, reach out to us on whatsapp at +962791151602 add whatsapp, or email us at Ride with us, and make every journey a cherished memory.

For those fascinated by the allure of the Dead Sea post visiting Petra, similar services, with the added chance of a jeep tour, are also on offer. Only the sceneries alternate, stunning you with the vast sea expanse coupled with a vivid lesson on geological formations. The trip unfolds not just as a relaxing journey but also an informative experience. Prices and availability for these phenomenal tour experiences can be discussed directly with our adept team.

Selecting our private charter taxi offers a more relaxing and hassle-free transport option, liberating you to focus on the splendor of Jordan and soak up its rich history and culture.

Dive into In-Depth Tours of Petra

The Allure of Petra’s Main Trail and Hidden Gems

Perhaps what distinguishes Petra the most is its mesmerizing architectural beauty, most of which has been carved directly into the rock face. Constructed from stunning red-and-yellow sandstone, Petra’s structures captivate with their impressive facades, which seemingly shimmer in the sunlight. While the city is massive and can feel overwhelming, diving deep into the allure of the petra popular routes like the main trail and hidden gems is an unforgettable journey.

While strolling through the main trail, you are led right through the heart of Petra, past iconic landmarks like the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), the royal tombs, and the Roman Amphitheater—essentially a sandstone theatre that remarkably survived the test of time. These sights on this trail narrate a saga of the city’s historical significance and architectural accomplishment spanning over centuries.

Venturing away from the main trail, Petra unveils secret treasures waiting to be discovered. The Al Khubtha trail, for example, guides you through stone steps to a mountain viewpoint overlooking the Theatre. This mesmerizing view—a hidden gem—heightens the Petra experience altogether.

Another adventure waits on the ‘back trail,’ leading explorers off the beaten path to the Monastery (Ad Deir), revealing another side of Petra filled with breathtaking mountain panoramas—a viewpoint like no other.

Lastly, rarely tread paths within Petra take you to corners like the High Place of Sacrifice where you experience the untouched beauty of Petra’s sandstone city. Exploring these quiet spots gives you the perfect setting to perceive Petra beyond the usual tourist rush and into spaces of tranquil and timeless beauty.

To untangle the labyrinth of these winding trails and hidden landmarks, our private guided tours cater to your interests and fitness level ensuring you explore the most from what Petra offers on your visit. Our knowledgeable, local guides are ever ready to escort you through a one-of-a-kind journey into Petra’s heart and soul, enriching your adventure many times over.

Attractive Private Petra Back Entrance Tours

Standing at a crossroads between the Middle East and Africa, Petra represents a maze of twisting passages and countless treasures that tell the story of a sophisticated culture, expansive trade network, and the ingenuity necessary to survive in harsh desert conditions. Exploring this ancient city via a riveting jeep tour, especially venturing off the beaten track through Petra’s back entrances, offers an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, reminiscent of reviews received for the Wadi Rum Full Day Jeep Tour reviewed in September 2023 on Tripadvisor.

Our bespoke private back entrance tours offer a unique, crowd-free perspective of this ancient city. With the complexity of navigating Petra alone, our knowledgeable local guides are there to assist, showing you the best this city offers, ensuring you make the most of every moment spent, invoking parallels to the efficient planning mentioned in Jonathan Haines’ October 2023 review.

Our tour packages include:

  1. Private Petra Back Entrance Tour with Guide ($215 per group): On this full-day private jeep tour, enter the famed Nabatean site, with your passport in hand, through the back entrance and marvel at the panoramic views engulfing you from all sides. Exiting in reverse order at the regular entrance, you’d have witnessed all — a unique perspective to an otherwise hustle-laden journey, maximized experience guaranteed.
  2. Petra Back Entrance Private Walking Tour ($140 per adult): Meandering Petra can be an enriching experience, allowing you to truly absorb the surrounding beauty. Throw in a knowledgeable guide, and you’re in for a treat—a stroll you won’t forget!
  3. Half-Day Private Indiana Jones Petra Back Road Trial Tour ($165 per adult): Channel your inner Indiana Jones on this half-day jeep tour. Deriving inspiration from the 4 Hour Jeep Tour review, venture beyond the significant spots and intimately explore hidden caves and catacombs for a rewarding adventurous experience.

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Each of these unique tours, carefully curated with measured durations, suit various preferences and timeframes, ensuring you have flexible and comprehensive options to explore Petra’s backdoors—the path less travelled that always holds the most surprises!

Surprises Outside the Main Petra Site and Night Experiences

While Petra’s main site is an astounding spectacle in itself, there’s much to explore outside of it. The Al-Shobak castle, just a few miles from the main Petra site, is another dazzling sight well worth the departure from Petra’s center. A stroll around here presents a unique, personal perspective of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enthralling visitors with their mesmerizing rock formations and vast sand dunes, the deserts of Wadi Rum are just a fabulous air balloon ride away from Petra. Don’t miss out on a desert safari here, or even a magical night under its pristine skies in a traditional Bedouin camp.

Also, take a short trip to Little Petra, or Siq al-Barid, just 8km north of Petra, recommended by 97% of travelers. Though smaller and less crowded, it appropriately balances dramatic charm with its carved tombs, dining halls, frescoes, and water cisterns.

Just near Little Petra, you’ll find the Beidha Neolithic Village, one of the oldest farming communities in the near east—a pivotal site offering insight into our transition from hunter-gatherer societies to settled farming communities.

Moses’ Spring, or Ain Musa, another fascinating site around Petra, shares a legend where Moses struck a stone, and water spurted out.

Arguably the highlight is the “Petra by Night” experience. As sunset descends, the path through Siq to the Treasury lights up with flickering candles, crafting an ethereal atmosphere that spotlights the timeless beauty of this ancient city.

After the excursion, unwind at a four-star hotel in Aqaba. The city’s stunning coral reefs and beachfront provide the ideal relaxation platform after an eventful day of exploration. Embracing these lesser-known experiences outside Petra’s main site or after dark can dramatically transform your experience, turning your trip into a remarkably immersive, unforgettable adventure.

Gastronomy in Petra

Eating Local with a Food Tour in Amman

As the capital of Jordan, Amman is a melting pot of culinary traditions, where authentic Middle Eastern cuisine takes center stage. Embracing a food and beverage tour here offers an incredible introduction to Jordanian food culture and the refreshing local drink varieties.

Our Amman food tour, meticulously designed by experts and local food enthusiasts, aims to showcase the best of Jordanian cuisine. On this comprehensive tour, you will travel through the vibrant streets of downtown Amman, where countless food stalls, coffee shops, and restaurants serve up age-old Jordanian dishes.

Throughout this culinary journey, you’ll relish the smoky flavor of Makmour, an eggplant dish, balanced with the refreshing tastes of Tabbouleh, an herb salad. Other culinary delights include Falafel’s many delicious varieties and the cheesy indulgence of Jordanian Shawarma. And don’t forget to quench your thirst with a taste of the local beverages like hot mint tea or freshly squeezed orange juice.

Your visit to the lively spice and produce markets will shed light on the fresh ingredients giving Jordan’s popular dishes their rich flavor and nutritional content.

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No food tour in Jordan would be complete without indulging in a local sweet delicacy. Sample Knafeh, a cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup, perfectly complemented with a strong Arabic coffee or sweet mint tea.

Tasting these authentic Jordanian dishes and beverages not only enhances your understanding of their food culture but also lets you make some vibrant, aromatic memories. But our local food tour in Amman doesn’t stop at mere food; it’s an enlightening cultural experience that offers you a snapshot of everyday Jordanian life and hospitality, one dish at a time.

And as an addition, consider a private round trip from Amman to Madaba, the City of Mosaics. A visit to Saint George Cathedral Church, renowned for its Mosaic Map, is a must when in Madaba. This journey is sure to enrich your cultural perspective and challenge your taste buds with diverse flavors of Jordanian cuisine.

Savor Petra’s Bedouin Dinners

While visiting Petra, a gastronomic experience that one should absolutely not miss is the Bedouin dinner. Offering a striking contrast to luxury dining options, these traditional meals provide a unique glimpse into the rustic essence of Jordan’s pastoral heritage. This is particularly prominent in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra which has long enchanted visitors.

The Bedouins in Petra, a crucial part of the Arabian ancestry of Jordan, are famously hospitable and often invite curious tourists for a meal. Their culinary tradition is typically centered around nomadic staples, cooked over an open fire, including Maqluba, Mansaf, and Zarb—creating a quaint cultural exchange between travelers and the local Bedouin communities.

The underground-cooked barbecue, known as Zarb, is a must-try Bedouin delicacy. This cherished food tradition hails from the ancient lifestyle of Jordanians, where seasoned meat and vegetables are slow-cooked in a sand oven underground, infusing smoky and earthy flavors. A visit to Petra is surely incomplete without partaking in one such communal Zarb dinner.

Another staple food, Mansaf, is a richly flavored lamb stew, slow-cooked in fermented dried yogurt sauce and served over saffron rice. This dish is not merely food; it’s an embodiment of the Jordanian tradition of sharing and community and is often prepared for welcoming guests.

These authentic experiences are often high points of a visit to Petra, where visitors can immerse in the local Bedouin culture and hospitality. Against the backdrop of this ancient Jordanian treasure, amidst stunning desert landscapes under a starlit sky, dining on traditional Bedouin food, and perhaps sharing stories around a campfire—this is a quintessential Jordanian experience that every tourist yearns for.

Where To Eat While in Petra

Eating at Petra in the heart of historical Jordan brings together the best of Middle Eastern and Western cuisines. Whether your preference is for a casual or formal dining experience, Petra has got you covered with its numerous restaurants, quaint cafés and even omnipresent souvenir stalls where local Bedouins sell unique keepsakes along with beverages and snacks.

Inside the archaeological site of Petra itself, there are two notable restaurants: The Nabataean restaurant and the Basin restaurant. Both located in the Basin area at the start of the walk up to the Monastery, they offer a full meal and snacks to fuel your walk through the magnificent ruins, with nearby toilet facilities providing an added convenience.

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The Nabataean Restaurant is a more upscale establishment, serving a more extensive lunch buffet that costs 17 JD (~$24). However, there is a clear discrepancy between it and The Basin Restaurant across the way. This latter spot looks like a rundown shack but serves a surprisingly good buffet for a great price of 10 JD ($14).

Also peppered throughout the Petra site are quaint cafés, perfect coffee/tea stops for breaks along your exploration. One such café sitting right in front of the Monastery is an excellent place for a quick bite and refreshing beverages. They accept credit cards, requiring a minimum purchase of 5JD.

Packed lunches provided by most hotels are also a good option. They allow you to keep up the nutrition during your hikes and are reasonably priced. Moreover, some of these lunches might be accompanied by local beverages, further enhancing your culinary journey.

For a more immersive dining experience, try out the local Bedouin dinners, cooked over an open fire, which offer palate-stimulating flavors unique to their traditional recipes.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the vibrant culinary scene of Wadi Musa, the gateway to Petra. Home to numerous restaurant options serving Middle Eastern and Western cuisines, the town offers a memorable dining experience, especially at the famous Petra Kitchen. Here, alongside the local chefs, you can prepare your own Jordanian feast in a dynamic cooking class.

In conclusion, Petra does not just provide you with a historical trip, it showers you with a variety of dining experiences. You might come for the history, but between the restaurants, cafés, local Bedouin dinners, and food items available at the souvenir stalls, you’ll certainly stay for the food!

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Petra

When is the Best Time to Visit Petra?

The best time to visit Petra, according to experts and tourists, is during the spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November). During these periods, not only are the days warm and sunny, perfect for sightseeing, but each site visit also allows for an ideal duration of exploring. Nonetheless, with evenings and early mornings likely cooler, packing few extra layers is suggested.

Adorned by the greenest of deserts post winter rains, spring becomes a time of vibrant visual appeal in Jordan. Autumn, in contrast, is characterized by pleasant weather, making for comfortable conditions for exploring and trekking. The bonus of blooming wildflowers and Oleanders in spring further enriches the Petra experience.

Be mindful of the typical rainfall in Jordan from November to March. It is not uncommon for unexpected showers to occasionally occur outside these months. In such circumstances, flash floods can occur in narrow wadis or ravines around Petra, making it crucial to watch the forecast and heed local advice.

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Beware of the summer months (June-August) when the temperatures might soar above 36 degrees Celsius. If a visit during these hotter months is inevitable, be armed with sunscreen, take plenty of water, and consider starting early or later in the day to avoid the scorching heat. Don’t forget to wear a hat; the lengthy walk to Petra’s High Place of Sacrifice is unshaded, and reflected heat off the stone intensifies the sun’s effects.

Bear in mind, spring or autumn offer the most comfortable temperatures to visit Petra, but these periods also draw the most crowds. To enjoy Petra in a quieter ambiance, consider exploring early when the site opens at 6am or later in the day, closer to sunset when much of the crowd disperses.

No matter what time of year you plan your trip, Petra, with its UNESCO world heritage site status and riveting history, fervently guarantees an experience that will linger in your memories. Always remember, despite the variations in weather, taking along ample amounts of water and sunscreen is a must for the heat.

Understanding Dress Code for Petra Tours

When visiting Petra, there are two key considerations to keep in mind while selecting your outfits – respecting the local culture and adapting to the weather conditions. Additionally, given the long walks such as the one to the High Place of Sacrifice where shade is scarce and heat reflection off the stone can be rather intense, clothing items that can store sunscreen are immensely practical.

Jordan’s primary population comprises Muslims, making it advisable for both men and women, out of respect for the local Bedouin culture, to follow a modest dress code. Shoulders and knees should be covered, and women are requested to abstain from figure-hugging or revealing outfits.

In general, women sport loose long trousers, skirts or cut-offs, along with t-shirts or loose shirts that cover their shoulders. Men can wear long shorts during the scorching heat of the summer. Hats or scarves prove immensely useful during the hot and sunny days, both for sun protection (when paired with ample amounts of sunscreen) and for keeping the dust off. However, remaining aware of the local culture and personal comfort amid the often harsh climate should guide attire choices.

Although Petra is a well-known tourist draw, some tourists wear vest tops or short shorts. While there’s no strict rule against this, it might draw unwanted attention.

Weather in Petra varies; hence, layering is encouraged. A sweatshirt, light jacket, or scarf easily removable as temperatures rise is suitable. Comfortable trainers, walking shoes, or hiking sandals are also recommended considering the terrain, which can be stony and rough. You are also allowed to carry bags during your Petra tour and for Wadi Rum, there will be a 4×4 accompanying you the entire time for safe storage of your belongings, which can include binoculars to be transferred to your hold bags at the Amman airport.

The key to experiencing Petra in all its glory lies in not just exploring its rich history and architecture but also in respecting its culture and people, embodying the ethos of a responsible traveler.

Important Details on Taxi Utilization

Using taxi services in Petra requires planning and a good understanding of local practices to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience. Furthermore, choosing the right taxi charter companies can make a difference in your overall journey. Below are some important details you should familiarize yourself with before utilizing taxis in this region.

Advanced Booking: Book your taxi transfer well in advance, especially if you’re traveling during the high season or rush hours. Consider getting in touch with reputable taxi charter companies. Due to the high demand, immediate bookings for long rides can be challenging, and you may end up waiting a few hours or even postponing your trip.

Clear Agreements: Make sure to clearly agree upon your pickup and drop-off locations before the ride with your chosen taxi charter company. If there are any special instructions such as road closures or restricted areas, communicate these details to your driver beforehand.

Additional Stops: If you plan to make detours or want to visit other tourist attractions or pick up more passengers, inform your taxi company in advance. Taxi charter companies should be informed of these specifics, as additional fees may apply, so it’s always better to confirm beforehand.

Language Constraints: Not all taxi drivers in Petra can converse in English fluently. When choosing among taxi charter companies, make sure to specify this requirement if needed.

Special Requirements: If you have any specific needs such as a car seat for your child, a female driver, no car perfume, etc., mention these to your selected taxi charter company during your initial discussions. Additionally, feel free to ask your driver to adjust the music or refrain from chatting if it makes you uncomfortable.

To start your wonderful journey, reach out to us on whatsapp at +962791151602 add whatsapp, or email us at Ride with us, and make every journey a cherished memory.

Please note that by default, cars offered for services by most taxi charter companies are non-smoking, but your driver may be a smoker who smokes outside the car on breaks.

Remember, that the foundation of a relaxing and enjoyable trip lies in effective communication, clear agreements, and courteous interactions with your taxi service provider, particularly taxi charter companies.

Cost Insights for Travelling to Jordan

Analyzing Transportation, Ticket and Hotel Costs When Traveling to Jordan

When planning your trip to Jordan, there are three main areas to focus on financially: transportation, tickets for attractions, and accommodations. Here is an analysis of these costs:

Transportation: Depending on when you book, return flights to Amman run between $500 to $1200 from major US airports. Internal transportation predominantly includes taxis, private transfers, and other transport options such as rental cars or charter taxis. A typical jeep rental or taxi from the airport to Amman city center costs around 20 JD ($30). A full-day taxi hire or a jeep tour, like the ones praised in numerous Tripadvisor reviews, to get around Petra costs around 50 JD ($70). Private transfers (like WePetra’s offering) might run you past 100 JD ($140), a worthwhile expense for greater comfort and convenience.

Tickets for Attractions: A one-day pass to Petra, including access to the world-renowned Treasury viewpoint, costs around 50 JD ($70), with discounts applicable for multiple days. The Jordan Pass offers greater value, including visa fee, access to over 40 tourist attractions (including Petra) within its cost starting 70 JD ($99) if staying a minimum of three nights.

Accommodations: A night at a 3-star hotel in Petra vicinity can cost between 30 JD and 50 JD ($42 – $71), while a 4 or 5-star hotel can range from 60 JD to 150 JD ($85 – $212). Locations farther from Petra might offer the possibility to stay overnight in a Bedouin camp, a truly unique experience, according to many travelers’ reviews.

Remember, these prices can fluctuate based on the time of year, distance booked in advance, and the type of facilities/services you opt for. It’s advisory to plan all aspects of your trip with a budget in mind and always keep a little extra for unexpected expenses. In this way, you can relish your Jordanian adventure without worrying about finances.

Breakdown and Tips on Saving Money when Traveling to Jordan

Traveling to Jordan can indeed be a financially daunting prospect. Here is a breakdown of potential costs and some money-saving tips for your trip:

  1. 1. Flights: This may amount to your highest single expense. Also, prices could greatly rely on your location, so it’s essential to shop around. Try setting up fare alerts on certain apps and websites to snag the best deal.
  2. 2. Accommodation: Budget hotel prices for a double room typically range between 30-50 JD, while mid-range to luxury hotels normally charge between 60-150 JD. Solo travelers can find dorm options in hostels for as cheap as 10 JD. Booking in advance or during the off-peak season can reap savings.
  3. 3. Meals: Food prices in Jordan are quite diverse. Street food can go up to 5 JD per meal, while a typical restaurant will charge around 10-20 JD. High-end dining can set you back about 25-50 JD+. To save money, opt for local cuisine at modest restaurants or street food stalls, instead of dining at more referred restaurants.
  4. 4. Transport: Transport expenses can vary greatly, whether you choose to hire a private driver, use rental car services, hail taxis, or utilize the bus. Short taxi rides usually cost around 1-2 JD, while a bus ride within the city is about 0.5 JD. Long-distance taxi rides, private transfers or rental car services can range from 15-75 JD.
  5. 5. Entry Fees: A single-day entry ticket to Petra costs 50 JD, with access to viewpoints like the Treasury. A Jordan Pass, inclusive of a visa and entrance fees to numerous attractions, can be a cost-efficient option for travelers. Ensure to purchase this before arriving in Jordan.

To start your wonderful journey, reach out to us on whatsapp at +962791151602 add whatsapp, or email us at Ride with us, and make every journey a cherished memory.

Remember, some of Jordan’s best experiences are absolutely free! Engaging with the locals, exploring the cities, admiring the dramatic landscapes, and journeys filled with breathtaking viewpoints cost nothing at all. Also, when exiting Jordan through Amman airport, make sure to do a pre-security check on your bags. If you have binoculars in your cabin bags, you might be asked to transfer them to your hold bags. Another tip to remember, if you plan on the Wadi Rum tour, your bags will have a secure place to be stored, with a 4×4 traveling with you throughout the trip.

Insights on Visa and Insurance Cost when Traveling to Jordan

Arranging your travel visa and insurance is an often overlooked but supremely significant aspect of organizing your Jordanian tour. Being mindful of your passport scrutiny and addressing any discrepancy can aid in a seamless travel experience.

Visas: Most travelers to Jordan need a visa, which costs approximately 40 JD (~$57). However, there are ways to arrange a free visa, provided you submit your full passport and flight details at least two weeks before arrival, such as booking through certain tour arrangements. For those staying at least three nights, the Jordan Pass is the best option. It combines the cost of your visa, Petra’s entrance, and access to over 40 other attractions around the country. Prices for the Jordan Pass range from 70 JD (~$99) to 80 JD (~$113), providing a notable saving.

Travel Insurance: Based on research, the cost of travel insurance can range from around $50 to $200, depending greatly on your age, the trip duration, and your coverage type. It’s advisable to take photocopies of your passport and insurance. Comprehensive travel insurance with higher coverage limits could range from $100 to $400. Carefully study policy details to comprehend what’s covered, any deductibles, or exclusions. Comparing travel insurance providers will best suit your budget and requirement.

In summary, these two relatively minor but paramount aspects of your travel preparation can affect your overall travel budget to Jordan. The recommended approach is to plan in advance, compare offerings, and to be mindful of any passport discrepancy – aiming to get the most value for your money. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to guaranteeing a stress-free, memorable vacation.


How Safe is Petra?

Safety is a crucial aspect of any travel plan, and in Petra, you can travel confidently knowing that Jordan is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the Middle East for tourists. However, like any international destination, it’s essential to stay aware, take regular precautions, and remember to pack ample amounts of water and sunscreen, especially due to the heat reflecting off the beautiful red-and-yellow sandstone trail, which can be rigorous and hot.

Petra, the mystical sandstone city, is a top-rated tourist site, managed well with a heavy tourist police presence ensuring smooth operation and visitor safety, effectively controlling any potential crime. The site is monitored closely to maintain a secure environment in this Unesco World Heritage site.

To start your wonderful journey, reach out to us on whatsapp at +962791151602 add whatsapp, or email us at Ride with us, and make every journey a cherished memory.

The local Bedouins are usually friendly and known for their warm hospitality. When they persistently offer horse, camel, or donkey rides, a polite but firm response usually suffices to discourage unwanted attention. Dressing modestly while touring Petra and places like the local mosque show respect for local traditions and cultures, and it helps to avoid potential misunderstandings or unnecessary attention.

One area where you do need to take precautions is during your exploration of Petra’s challenging terrain. With steep, uneven sandstone trails posing a physical challenge, comfortable, reliable footwear and plenty of water for hydration are essential. Also, remember to use your sunscreen abundantly and consider taking regular breaks to rest.

Despite the stable safety conditions, being in a region with potential for political unrest warrants that you stay abreast of your home country’s foreign travel advice and local news.

In conclusion, Petra is generally a safe destination with the biggest risk factors being the intensive heat and the physical fitness required for the extensive hiking and walking involved. As in any travel destination, a bit of respect, awareness, and preparation go a long way in ensuring a safe and memorable trip.

Tips for Getting from Amman or Dead Sea to Petra

Whether you’re starting your journey from Jordan’s bustling capital, Amman, or the tranquility of the Dead Sea, reaching Petra can be quite straightforward with a little planning. From Amman: Petra, just a 3-hour drive from Amman, is easily reachable by either a taxi, mini-bus service, or a private transfer for a more comfortable and personal journey. Taxi fares can range between 75-100 JD ($106-$141) depending on your negotiation skills. Alternatively, the JETT tourist bus service offers a cost-effective solution, operating daily buses for approximately 10 JD ($14).

From Dead Sea: If you’re at the Dead Sea, a taxi can whisk you off to Petra for a fee of 70-100 JD ($99-$141). Another popular option is to connect with tour operators who arrange transportation from your Dead Sea resort to Petra, often combined with a guided tour. Both options offer adequate access to Petra’s popular routes.

Private Transfer Services: For a smooth, stress-free journey, you might consider booking a private transfer service like WePetra. They offer a door-to-door service, reliable drivers, and comfortable vehicles. As a bonus, they offer options for scenic stops at places like the Dana Nature Reserve and other attractions. Prices for this bespoke service start from around 135 JD per group.

In order to optimally explore the expansive Petra site, it’s advised to leave early from your starting point. At the end of the day, whether you take a jeep tour or otherwise, Petra deserves your unhurried attention and exploration.

Are There Official Guided Tours for Petra?

Yes, official guided tours for Petra are abundant, and they provide enormous value to visitors. You can hire a guide at the Petra Visitor Centre, where an official guide stand is located. The prices and trail options are clearly posted on the kiosk, offering various guides based on language and itinerary preference.

A standout choice includes the three-hour tour of the main sites of Petra, led by an official guide, which costs around 50 JD ($70). If you have a specific interest in the history of Petra and prefer a more immersive and in-depth understanding, this could be an excellent option for you regardless of group size.

For the more adventurous spirits, the services have been extended to navigate the lesser-known trails. For a 5-hour trail, the guide fee is around 120 JD ($170), and for longer tours of 6-8 hours, it’s around 150 JD ($212).

Private tours are also available. Whether to see Petra differently or in greater detail, private tours become an attractive option. They provide personalized sightseeing experiences of Petra and target your preferred objectives. Prices range from approximately $75 to $120 per group, varying by group size and tour length.

While it’s indeed possible to freely explore Petra independently, the addition of an experienced guide greatly enhances the affair. With their extensive knowledge about Petra’s history and secrets, they guide you through its incredible landscape in ways that leave a lasting impression.

Combining your exploration spirit with the insights from an experienced guide indeed makes for an unforgettable Petra experience.

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