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Tours in Jordan: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Experience a mesmerizing journey with our comprehensive guide to making the most of your tours in Jordan.

Why Visit Jordan

Jordan transports you back in time with its rich history and culture. Venture into the ancient secrets of Petra and walk in the footsteps of bygone civilizations.

Experience diversity like never before! Beyond the coasts of the Dead Sea, Jordan offers an array of stunning landscapes, from vast arid deserts to vibrant, verdant valleys.

Rich History and Culture

Embarking on a journey to Jordan ushers you into a world steeped in Byzantine history, the remains of which are strewn across its landscape. Architectural marvels from this epoch are a testament to its past.

Jordan’s Bedouin culture, inherited through generations, authentically weaves together the country’s history, showcasing Byzantine architectural relics under its starlit desert sky.

Immerse in Jordan’s vibrant Bedouin culture, kept alive through generations. Breaking bread with the locals while sharing stories under the starlit desert sky will leave you with unmatched insights into their way of life.

Stunning Natural Landscapes

Jordan’s picturesque wadis, from the breathtaking waterscapes of Wadi Mujib to the desert expanse of Wadi Rum, offer unparalleled natural beauty and a taste of adventure.

The Jordan Valley serves as a stunning natural paradise, unrivaled in its beauty, and teaming with flora, fauna and rich agricultural plains.

These natural landscapes of Jordan not only offer magnificent vistas but also an opportunity to connect with nature, providing a unique break from the humdrum of city life.

Warm and Welcoming People

At the heart of Jordan’s culture is its utmost warm hospitality, making the country a traveler’s delight. This thread of authenticity runs throughout the locales, adding a richness to every experience.

Interacting with locals gives valuable insights into the warm spirit displayed by Jordanians. It is their welcoming nature that truly encapsulates the essence of the country.

Every interaction echoes the age-old Bedouin saying, ‘Even a house of hair can hold a hundred friends.’ Thus, your encounter with Jordanians adds an incomparable layer to your travels.

Types of Tours

With historical tours focusing on Jordan’s ancient heritage and off-the-beaten-path tours introducing you to hidden gems, there’s something to satiate every traveler’s thirst for exploration. Understanding your interests is key to choosing the right tour in Jordan.

Embarking on a culinary tour in Jordan is a feast for the senses. Indulge in authentic flavors, learn traditional cooking techniques, and understand the culture better through its extraordinary gastronomical heritage.

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours in Jordan are like walking through time, revealing the layers of history that have shaped this captivating country. It’s a complete cultural circuit, from Amman’s bustling souks and historic sites to Ajloun’s medieval Islamic architecture.

Adventure Tours

Harness the spirit of exploration and thrill with Adventure Tours in Jordan. From exploring the barren dunes of Wadi Rum to encountering the misty hills in Dana Reserve, Jordan offers adrenaline-pumping adventures to satisfy the most intrepid wanderers.

Religious Tours

Religious tours in Jordan uplift the spirit, transporting you through revered sites steeped in ancient holy texts. They offer opportunities to tread the trails of prophets and explore biblical landscapes that resonate with spiritual history.

Nature Tours

Nature tours in Jordan are an exciting way to explore the country’s rich biodiversity. This type of tour takes you through some of Jordan’s most beautiful natural landscapes, including Dana Biosphere Reserve and Wild Jordan.

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Top Tourist Attractions

Radiating a timeless aura, Jordan’s top attractions are a testament to its rich history and unspoiled nature. From the carved city of Petra to the lunar-like expanse of Wadi Rum, these destinations offer captivating insights into the country’s ancient civilization and breathtaking landscapes.

Venturing from North to South, the landmarks of Jordan each tell a unique story. Aqaba’s glistening waters and phenomenal coral reefs offer a diver’s paradise, while Ajloun’s imposing castle stands majestically, guarding the tales of Jordan’s medieval warfare. A journey across Jordan reveals a symphony of historical drama and natural beauty waiting to be explored.

Amman Citadel, perched atop the highest hill in Amman, offers panoramic views of the city’s sprawling expanse, while further enriching your historical knowledge. Meanwhile, the Dead Sea, with its therapeutic properties, ensures that your Jordanian experience is as rejuvenating as it is educational.


Discover the archaeological marvel of Petra, mesmerizingly hewn into rose-hued cliffs. Descend through the narrow passage of the Siq to encounter the majestic facade of Al-Khazneh or The Treasury, where history unfolds amidst spectacular settings.

Wadi Rum

Riding through the terracotta dunes on a desert safari or lying back beneath the crystal-clear night sky to stargaze, a visit to the majestic Wadi Rum offers a whole different level of immersion and connection with nature.

Dead Sea

Trips to Jordan remain incomplete without an unusual relaxation activity – floating in the Dead Sea. The sea’s high salt concentration makes sinking in it practically impossible, allowing tourists to effortlessly bob on its surface. It’s like a natural flotation therapy session, offering tranquillity and peace.

The Dead Sea is not just about floating; it’s also a haven for spa lovers. Its mud is packed with minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium, known for their rejuvenating effects on the skin.

Numerous hotels and resorts around the Dead Sea offer a wide variety of treatments using this therapeutic mud. This includes mud wraps, body scrubs, and facials, transforming your visit into an indulgent spa experience.

While you bask in the beauty of the Dead Sea, remember that it’s much more than a pretty sight. It’s a place where you can unwind, soak in nature’s beauty, refresh your body, and return home with nourished and rejuvenated skin.

Amman Citadel

Amman Citadel, perched atop Jebel Al Qala’a, offers visitors a glimpse into millennia of Jordan’s past. The site chronicles history from the Bronze Age and showcases numerous artifacts in its on-site museum.

Exploring this vibrant historical ruin, visitors can witness striking structures such as the Umayyad Palace, Temple of Hercules, and a Byzantine Church. Each relic unfolds a unique narrative of the City’s multicultural past.

Overlooking downtown Amman, the Citadel not only offers historical insight but also panoramic views of Jordan’s capital. It serves as a silent storyteller, narrating the City’s growth from ancient times till present-day.

The Citadel is best visited at sunset. Positioned perfectly, it allows tourists to bask in the glow of the sinking sun as it bathes the old ruins and the evolving city below in golden hues, making it an unmissable experience for all.

Planning Your Itinerary

Curating your Jordan adventure requires a strategic approach. Ensure you align timing with the country’s best weather, and consider the duration of your stay to capitalize on the variety of cultural, adventure, religious, and nature tours available.

Your Jordan tour planner will be instrumental in making the most of your visit. Selection of a reputable tour company guarantees a seamless experience, and equipping yourself with essentials such as suitable clothing and sun protection is paramount. Remember, prep equals pleasure!

Best Time to Visit

Decoding Jordan’s climate is key to scheduling your trip. The spring months between March and May, when the weather is pleasant and the landscapes are blanketed in wildflowers, are ideal for exploration. The temperatures are mild and the crowds are less intense as compared to the high season.

It’s crucial to comprehend Jordan’s weather patterns for a smooth journey. The sweltering summer heat can limit sightseeing activities. However, for those targeting tourist spots like Petra and Wadi Rum, the cooler temperatures from September to November prove optimal.

Winter months (December-February) in Jordan, marked by short days and chilly nights, may often witness rainfall. Some travelers prefer this off-season for quieter archaeological sites, but accessibility can be impacted due to sporadic desert flash floods.

Duration of Stay

The duration of your Jordan journey boils down to your personal interests and the richness of your itinerary. Tailoring a comprehensive tour can take anywhere from a week minimum to a month for a deeper dive.

For tourists on a tight schedule, ‘Jordan in a Nutshell’ tours offer immersive experiences encapsulating key cultural, historical, and natural sights in as little as four to six days.

Despite the brief stay, a wisely planned short itinerary will still offer a well-rounded Jordanian experience, opening a window into the country’s vibrant history, stunning landscapes and cordial hospitality.

Choosing a Tour Company

In your quest for the ideal tour company, markers of excellence such as superior customer service, knowledgeable guides, and diverse tour offerings should be at the forefront. These factors serve as undeniable indications of a company’s dedication to providing a standout Jordan experience. Don’t overlook the importance of transparency, especially regarding prices and inclusions, setting apart reputable outfit.

A tour company’s legitimacy can be further investigated through customer reviews and ratings. Social proof, often in the form of testimonials or star ratings, can give valuable insights into previous tourists’ experiences. Moreover, consider their response to any negative feedback – it can be a significant competence indicator.

Choosing a tour company is not as daunting as it may initially appear. Key aspects to consider include the company’s reputation recency, degree of local knowledge, and their demonstrated commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. You’re not just buying a service, but investing in an experience, and these considerations will ensure it’s a memorable one.

Packing Essentials

When packing for your Jordanian escape, prioritize carrying light clothing for daytime and warm attire for cooler nights. Don’t forget your best walking shoes for tireless exploration of historic sites and landscapes.

Essentials for any adventurer in Jordan include a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, and travel binoculars. As the sun can be unforgiving, the hat and sunscreen are non-negotiables.

A well-packed travel bag should also contain a quality camera for capturing Jordan’s stunning panoramas, a detailed map or guidebook, a compact first-aid kit, and Arabic phrasebook to ensure a seamless, unforgettable journey.

Tips for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

In Jordan, understanding local etiquette is crucial for an effortless experience. Polite gestures like removing your shoes at a mosque, dressing modestly, or offering a respectful ‘Salaam’ – ‘peace’, can enhance your interactions with locals.

Ensuring a smooth journey in Jordan requires a bit of groundwork. Learn a few basic Arabic phrases, familiarize yourself with the local culture, and maintain good health through adequate hydration and diet, guaranteeing a seamless exploration of this magnificent country.

Research and Prepare

Mastering thorough preparation is crucial for a seamless Jordanian tour. Familiarize yourself with the local customs, common phrases, and currency to enhance your travel experience. Always remember, a well-prepared traveler is a stress-free traveler.

In-depth research gives you valuable insights into the Jordan culture and local patterns. Dive deep into online travel forums, blogs, and social media platforms to connect with fellow travelers and gain practical advice.

Obtaining vital information beforehand enables a more immersive journey. Know local laws, understand traditional customs, recognize pertinent health advisories, and gather tips on the best sights. Equip yourself with knowledge for a worry-free Jordanian tour.

Learn Basic Arabic Phrases

Immersing yourself in Jordanian culture becomes even more rewarding when you take the time to learn a few Arabic phrases. Simple greetings, gratitude expressions, and inquiries can go a long way in bridging cultural gaps and enhancing your overall tour experience.

Understanding basic Arabic phrases not only enriches your cultural experience, but it also helps ease your journey. It’s a tool that becomes especially helpful when communicating with locals, navigating sites, or haggling at marketplaces.

Getting to grips with basic Arabic expressions is more than just about enhancing communication. It’s also about showing respect and gaining a deeper appreciation of Jordan’s rich traditions. It might even unlock unexpected doors, leading to more authentic engagements on your tour.

Respect Local Customs and Traditions

Adopting culturally sensitive practices when touring Jordan sustains a pleasant relationship with its local inhabitants. This involves dressing modestly, being mindful of religious practices, and taking permission before photographing individuals.

Experiencing the Jordanian lifestyle is part of the adventure. Understanding and respecting local traditions, such as accepting invitations to meals or coffee, can lead to memorable and enriching encounters.

As observance of local customs and traditions is paramount, it’s recommended tourists learn about Jordanian etiquette prior to their visit. This will ensure a respectful and harmonious interaction with the warm and welcoming Jordanian people.

Stay Hydrated and Take Care of Your Health

In Jordan’s warm climate, hydration is paramount. Always carry a reusable water bottle and replenish frequently. Paying attention to your body’s signals can help prevent heat exhaustion or more severe conditions.

The diverse climate of Jordan, from hot desert plains to cooler highlands, requires travelers to adapt swiftly to maintain their health. It’s prudent not only to dress appropriately but to incorporate sunscreen, hats, and shades into your gear.

Health should not be undermined during your Jordan adventures. From adventurous hikes to leisure walks, balance exertion with relaxation and nutritious meals. Being health conscious adds joy and helps you stay vigorous during your journey.

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