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Tourist Attractions Jordan: Top 10 Must-Visit Places

the first Tourist Attractions in Jordan: Petra The Rose City

Petra, an archaeological jewel, captivates visitors with its unnoticed treasures that reveal Jordan’s ancient ebbs and flows, narrating a historical symphony in stone. With Petra After Dark, the city’s already mystical allure heightens. The stars scatter their delicate glow over the Rose city, making it a spectacle of stellar light and historical marvel that leaves every traveler awestruck.

Explore the Ancient Architecture

As you journey through Petra, make your acquaintance with the grandeur of Nabatean craftsmanship. Explore this astounding archaeological site that stands as testament to the architectural prowess of the Nabataeans.

The timeless beauty, strategic constructions, and intricate carvings of this UNESCO World Heritage Site speak volumes about a civilization that has endured for millennia. Be it a sightseeing trip or an educational exploration, Petra promises a sightseeing adventure like no other.

Embrace the extraordinary blend of human endeavor and nature’s might in the architectural genius of Petra, showcasing the sandstone mountains and desert canyons that form the bedrock of this venerable city. It is a testament to human will that this masterwork has withstood centuries of climatic changes and natural calamities, solidifying its standing as a must-see tourist destination.

Discover the Treasury Al-Khazneh

Stand before Al-Khazneh, Petra’s legendary Treasury. Carved out of a single block of sandstone at the end of a path lined with towering sandstone cliffs, its artistic detail and intricate craftsmanship make it an essential highlight of any Petra excursion, ideally sighted during Petra by night event when it shimmers under the glow of a thousand flickering candles. On your way there, pass the souvenir shops lining the popular promenade abuzz with atmospheric cafes and characterize the area.

Discover The Treasury Al-Khazneh
Discover the Treasury Al-Khazneh

Petra’s Treasury, a masterpiece of ancient craftsmanship, perhaps comparable only to the grandeur of a statue such as that of Hercules, was hewn directly from a single sandstone block, its inception and construction adding a rich layer to its historical allure. Considered part of the stunningly captivating desert scenery that includes sweeping vistas of Wadi Rum, a Petra tour would be incomplete without a sojourn here.

Immerse yourself in the multi-dimensional past of the Treasury. Legends narrate it once held the mysterious Pharaoh’s treasures, stoked by the bullet-ridden urn atop the facade, a result of Bedouins’ treasure hunting quests, similar to the adventurously spirited camel tours that traverse the expansive desert today.

Despite interesting narratives, archaeologists claim it to serve as not just a royal tomb but perhaps a ceremonial site, or even a bathhouse. Notwithstanding diverse theories about its apparent purpose, the unique mystique behind Petra’s Treasury enhances its allure, making it a compelling pit stop on a visit to Petra.

Hike the Monastery Trail

Scaling the Monastery trail in Petra is a thrilling adventure for any hiker. It offers you access to hidden natural treasures and concealed views of the rose-colored sandstone canyons of the city. As you ride camels or spirited Arabian horses through the sandstone mountains, you would come across the Street of Facades, featuring dozens of tombs and houses.

Hike The Monastery Trail
Hike the Monastery Trail

Climbing its 800 rock-cut steps, you’ll see the facade of the Monastery – a sight to behold. The impressive architecture stands as a testament to the skill of the Nabateans enshrined in Bronze Age artifacts.

On reaching the summit, you are rewarded with unforgettable vistas. The panoramic views of the sandstone cliffs and the city below are breathtaking. Do not miss the Petra By Night show, where the Siq and the Treasury are lit by more than 1,500 flickering candles.

Navigating the Monastery trail is not just about hiking, it’s about appreciating the blend of nature and history. In the Ajloun region close to Petra, Crusader-period castles and hunting lodges dot the landscape. It’s a memory you’ll cherish, unquestionably enriching your desert canyons adventure in Jordan.

Dead Sea: A Natural Wonder one of the top attractions in jordan

Drifting effortlessly in the Dead Sea is a surreal experience. Let the buoyancy support you as you gaze at the sun setting on the terracotta-hued Jordanian mountains.

Indulge in a spa experience right on the beach by smearing yourself with the rich, black mud of the Dead Sea. Renowned for its healing properties, this famous mineral-infused mud leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Float in the dead sea Saltwater

An Dead Sea: A Natural Wonder– floating with an ease like never before. Dubbed as the spectacular ‘Jordan floating’, the intense salinity of its waters turns the simplest swim into a therapeutic journey, offering you a unique immersive experience. Nestled between the coastline, the Dead Sea is famous worldwide for its mineral-rich waters.

Float In The Dead Sea Saltwater
Float in the dead sea Saltwater

Taking a plunge in these waters opens you to the unusual but surreal sensation of floating without effort, similar to the sensation at the spectacular Sea of Galilee. It’s an almost magical experience that, in defiance of natural laws, anchors you to the surface instead of down.

The surrounding majestic landscape, coupled with this effortless buoyancy, creates a surreal picture. Aid your relaxation by laying back and effortlessly floating, gazing at the coastline and the sky above.

The elevated mineral-rich water content does more than make you float. It creatively encapsulates the healing properties that have drawn tourists for centuries. But beware, no diving or swimming strokes here – in this sector of Jordan’s coastline, you relax and float.

Try the Healing dead sea Mud

Unearth the age-old secrets of Dead Sea mud. Known for its therapeutic qualities, this ancient elixir, rich in minerals and originating from a sea nestled between Saudi Arabia and Jordan, is a key aspect of tourism in the region. The mud offers holistic healing and rejuvenation thanks to its high mineral water content.

Try The Healing Dead Sea Mud
Try the Healing dead sea Mud

Experience the unique sensation as the soothing mud, much like that found in the Ma’in Hot Springs, works its magic on your skin. Release stress, purifying your body and soul amidst Jordan’s natural spa settings, such as the verdant Dana Nature Reserve.

Discover the Dead Sea mud’s rejuvenating powers in the Ajloun region. Its natural minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium can enhance skin health, adding a natural glow, akin to the aura of the sacred Baptism Site.

Don’t miss an encounter with this miraculous skin therapy. Gifting you the essence of naturopathy, akin to the soothing vibes of the Dana Nature Reserve, Dead Sea mud brings the ultimate relaxation, consistently leaving tourists visiting from Saudi Arabia and across the globe in awe.

Visit Spa Resorts

Indulge in the splendor of some of Jordan’s finest spa resorts, primed to offer luxurious treatments with Dead Sea minerals, offering an unparalleled relaxation experience. Take the opportunity to get out on the vibrant turquoise water with one of the daily cruises offered by local hotels—a unique feature of some resorts like the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea and the Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea.

Tranquility beckons at Jordan’s splendid wellness resorts. Experience rejuvenating treatments amidst the serene ambiance, offered by retreats such as Zara Spa at the Movenpick Resort, employing organic products and ancient healing techniques. From your spa resort, one can reach the tranquil shores of Amman beach or the breathtaking spans of the Jordan Valley with relative ease.

In the soothing environment of Jordan’s spa resorts, you’ll undergo a holistic rejuvenation. From bespoke mud treatments to mineral-rich hydrotherapy, these wellness sanctuaries elevate your travel experience, blending luxury with enduring health benefits, like a dip in America’s well-loved Grand Canyons.

For history lovers, several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a testament to Jordan’s rich culture and history, lie within convenient reach—like the ancient city of Jerash—making your rejuvenating stay a culturally enriching one too.

Wadi Rum: The Valley of the Moon

A journey through Wadi Rum’s enchanting landscape comes strikingly close to exploring the Red Planet on Earth. Be captivated by the dramatic scenery of soaring cliffs, deep valleys, and rippling sand dunes.

A sojourn in Wadi Rum isn’t just about nature but also a journey through time. Amid the majestic landscape, unravel the region’s history – centuries-old rock carvings, prehistoric Thamudic scripts, and identical footprints of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

things to do in jordan wadi rum

Experience Desert Camping

Experience a unique connection with nature by desert camping in Wadi Rum. Sleeping beneath the grand expanse of a star-studded sky sets an immersive backdrop, making it an exceptional spot for stargazing and bringing tourists closer to the breathtaking desert scenery, much like that found in the Mujib Reserve Biosphere.

Wadi Rum: The Valley Of The Moon
Wadi Rum: The Valley of the Moon

Camping in Wadi Rum isn’t just an overnight stay – it’s a journey into traditional Bedouin life. Immerse yourself in ancient customs, savor traditional food, and learn about this nomadic culture’s rich history that intertwines with the mesmerizing landscape of Khazali Canyon and other remarkable desert formations.

Escaping the bustling city life has never been more rewarding. The tranquility of the desert and the striking landscape, reminiscent of the hilltop views of Gadara, offer a peaceful escape, making camping in Wadi Rum a must-do experience for any Jordan itinerary.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the desert and camp amidst towering sandstone and granite formations. The sensation of sleeping surrounded by structures, shaped by time and the elements, is akin to exploring the well-preserved ruins of the ancient Decapolis city of Gadara or the Roman splendor of Jerash One.

Wadi Rum’s desert comes alive at night. Observing the heavens unspoiled by light pollution or tuning into the nocturnal sounds of the desert, present experiences that are as captivating and unique as a nighttime exploration in the Villa. Your encounter with Bedouin life will leave a lasting memory of your exploration in Jordan.

Take a Jeep Safari

Touring Wadi Rum in a Jeep Safari sends adrenaline coursing through your veins, offering you an immersive encounter with its desolate charm. The safari presents a visual spectacle, shedding light on the varying shades of its sandy landscape, highlighting the iconic desert scenery of sandstone mountains.

The thrilling Jeep Safari not only takes you across Jordan’s intrepid terrains but leads you to the mesmerizing Amman beach, unveiling Dead Sea: A Natural Wonder like the fascinating statue of Hercules and the sandstone desert canyons, home to the Nubian ibex.

As you navigate through the vast wilderness intertwined with camel tours, the experience adds an unparalleled charm to your Jordanian sightseeing adventure, turning it into an unforgettable tourist destination.

Marvel at the Rock Formations

Tales in stone await your curiosity in Wadi Rum. Venture into the heart of these geological wonders, including the awe-inspiring sandstone canyon. Impressively sculpted over millions of years, these formations provide an exquisite canvas reflecting Jordan’s rich history, back to the Bronze Age and beyond.

The artistry of nature is vividly evident at Wadi Rum, teeming with surreal rock formations. You can ride camels or spirited Arabian horses through the area, or enjoy rock climbing or ATV tours. Their majesty prompts marvel and endless snapshots, each formation narrating an intriguing tale of natural forces that shaped it, reminiscent of America’s Grand Canyon but with its unique Jordanian touch.

Amman: The Capital City

Venture into Amman and voyage through time in Jordan’s glistening urban star. Uncover the history etched in its Citadel ruins and experience the city’s pulsating modern energy.

Jordan’s bustling capital, Amman, a captivating blend of old and new, enchants visitors. Its time-worn historical sites stand proudly amid a rapidly growing metropolis, showcasing its capital charm.

Visit the Citadel must visit this attractions in jordan, amman

Explore the epochs frozen in time at the Amman Citadel. Every step through the sprawling complex is a journey into the city’s ancient history, surrounded by the remnants of Stone Age walls, religious landmarks, and magnificent palaces, not unlike the Ajloun castle, a magnificent monument perched on top of Mount ‘Auf.

The architectural details of the Amman Citadel, much like those erected by the Umayyads in the turn of the 7th century, stands tall amidst modernity. Here, the Roman Temple of Hercules, Umayyad Palace, and Byzantine Church contribute to its majestic panorama.

Can there be a more vivid illustration of Jordan’s bygone identities? Perhaps only the view from Petra, that rivals the Citadel’s striking panorama. The Citadel, a microcosm of Amman’s history northwest of Jerash, has endured epochs, showcasing the nation’s cultural evolution amidst its ruins. The commanding views from the Citadel’s elevated plateau are potent bearers of a great legacy.

They offer a glimpse of monarchs, prophets and civilizations past, akin to an Egyptian monument frozen in time. It’s a testament to the seamless amalgamation of ancient remnants and modern architecture, similar to the black basalt and white limestone houses in the abandoned Ottoman village of Umm Qais.

Stand awestruck as the stories of monarchs, prophets and civilizations past unfold, much like those narrated in the tales of Dana Nature Reserve’s unique wildlife or the Baptism Site’s spiritual history. The Amman Citadel, tucked away within Jordan’s woodlands, transforms historical appreciation into an immersive, tangible experience.

Explore the Roman Theater

An exploration of Amman’s Roman Theater is a journey back in time, a testament to Rome’s magnificence. Every stone echoes the grandeur of the Roman Empire and the Romano-Syrian design, offering an immersive journey through history.

The Roman Theater’s spectacular legacy is deeply ingrained into Jordan’s cultural heritage. Stepping into the amphitheater, tourists can grasp the Syrian influence in the country’s cherished past and appreciate the seamless blend of history and modernity.

Shop at the Rainbow Street

Situated in the bustling heart of Amman, Rainbow Street offers tourists a vibrant shopping experience unlike any other. Culture and commerce blend seamlessly on this colorful stretch, a testament to the renowned hospitality of Jordanians.

Every corner of Rainbow Street promises to captivate the visitor, mirroring the charm of highlands of Mount Nebo or the southern region of Aqaba. Here, you mingle among the locals exploring hidden gems, small shops, and galleries, as if in a lively centre, filled with likeful Jordanian art and ethnic craftworks much akin to the details one could spot in a biblical sculpture.

Jerash: The Pompeii of the East

Trapped in a timeless moment, your exploration of ancient Jerash unveils a vista akin to a journey back in time. The gleaming colonnades, intricate mosaics, and majestic archways whisper tales of the Roman city’s grandeur.

Jerash, Jordan’s Pompeii of the East, is a beacon of ancient history. With every step in the well-preserved ruins, you’ll unearth the splendid heritage of Jordan, each ancient stone replete with time-worn tales inscribed by history’s meticulous hands.

Admire the Well-Preserved Ruins

Immerse yourself in an architectural journey back in time at Jerash – often dubbed as the Pompeii of the East. Infact, think of it as a page from Philadelphia’s story; the city was once a Roman-ruled site renowned for its exquisite hospitality, much like Jerash’s residential aspect today.

The well-preserved ruins within this ancient city offer a fascinating peek into the grandeur of the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine eras.

Jerash’s ruins are a testament to grand architectural feats achieved stone by stone. Its splendid structures like the Oval Plaza, the Artemis Temple, and the impressive colonnaded streets echo a bygone era of intricate, roman craftsmanship that has withstood the tests of time, reminiscent of the old bathhouses and hunting lodges scattered across southern Jordan’s highland cliffs and sand-covered desert floor.

Watch Chariot Racing at the Hippodrome

In Jerash, step into living history as you experience chariot racing thrill at the Hippodrome, an ancient sports stadium loved by spectators. Drawing a parallel to the restored amphitheater in Amman, previously known as Roman Philadelphia, you can relive vibrant scenes of the past in this unique travel experience equal to the merriments of nearly 2,000 years ago.

Get transported back in time at the Jerash Hippodrome, akin to witnessing the highlands of Shobak Castle in Jerusalem, built by Baldwin I to control caravan and pilgrimage routes. Here, you have the rare opportunity to witness exhilarating chariot races, designed to emulate the grandeur of ancient times.

Set against the backdrop of ancient ruins akin to those found in southern Jordan, chariot racing at the Jerash Hippodrome provides a vivid tableau of glory and drama from a bygone era. The echoes of galloping horses and the clash of wooden wheels on stone evoke the spectacle of the past, reminiscent of the sounds heard across Jordan’s kingdoms.

Tourist Attractions Jordan

Jordan is a country that boasts a rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and a vibrant culture. If you are planning a trip to Jordan, there are several must-visit tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss. From ancient ruins to stunning natural wonders, Jordan has something for every traveler. Here are the top 10 tourist attractions in Jordan:


Known as the “Rose City,” Petra is an ancient city carved into vibrant red rock. It’s not just a random geological wonder, but the ancient Nabataean capital of Petra carved from the rose-colored desert canyons.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also hailed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. A trip here is incomplete without experiencing the signature Petra By Night show, where the Siq and the iconic Treasury are illuminated by over 1,500 flickering candles, painting an ethereal scene.

This wonder nestled amidst sandstone mountains was once a stronghold of the Nabatean Arab kingdom, which had strong presence even in the Jordan Valley. Offering a peek into Petra’s crowning Hellenistic elements, don’t miss out on the awe-inspiring Siq and the emblematic Treasury.


Situated on the shores of the Red Sea, Aqaba offers an abundance of marine life and coral reefs. Positioned perfectly on Jordan’s only stretch of coastline, this pleasant haven offers not only a plethora of marine flora and fauna, but also forms an enchanting urban counterpoint to the breathtaking Red Sea waters just offshore. It’s the ultimate tourist destination for diving enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those looking to unwind on sandy beaches.


Known as the “City of Mosaics,” Madaba is home to the famous Madaba Map, a mosaic map of the Holy Land. Explore the city’s churches and mosques, reflecting the influence of the Umayyads, and the museum to witness the beauty of ancient mosaic art.

While you’re there, stay hydrated with local mineral water and don’t miss the chance for a panoramic Petra view at some point in your travels in this area of northwest Saudi Arabia. For lovers of wildlife, a detour from the beaten path to Dana Nature Reserve will reward you with sightings of the Nubian ibex and maybe even an Egyptian vulture. Indeed, Madaba offers more than just mosaics; it’s a gem for tourism.

Umm Qais

Located in northern Jordan, Umm Qais offers stunning views of the Sea of Tiberias, the Golan Heights, and the Yarmouk River. Discover the well-preserved Roman ruins, highlighting their Rich Romano-Syrian design similar to that of a temple built in 156 AD.

Experience the area’s rich historical significance and its vibrant souvenir shops, reminiscent of those found in the charming streets of Ajloun castle area. Unique to this sightseeing adventure, Umm Qais brings together the charm of the Jordanian culture, the brilliance of its past, and the splendid views akin to Jordan’s answer to America’s Grand Canyon.

Wadi Mujib

This nature reserve is a paradise for adventure lovers. Tucked away in the Mujib Reserve Biosphere, it pulsates with thrilling outdoor activities. Here, you can embark on a memorable hike through unexpected desert canyons, cascading waterfalls, and inviting natural pools.

It’s a standout spot for canyoning and an opportunity to explore the beauty of Jordan’s diverse landscapes, from its sandstone mountains to its verdant valleys.

Roman Ruins

Jordan is home to several well-preserved Roman ruins, including the Jerash Ruins and the Roman Theatre in Amman. Immerse yourself in the history and grandeur of the Roman Empire. Embark on a sightseeing trip through these intriguing archaeological sites and revel in the richness of an era gone by. The Jerash ruins offer tourists a sightseeing adventure, beginning with a walk through Hadrian’s Arch.

The Roman Theatre in Amman, carved from the foot of a hilltop, is another must-see tourist destination, with its mesmerizing backdrop of sandstone mountains and desert canyons. This renowned architectural wonder lends a glimpse into the grandeur of ancient civilizations.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Explore the diverse landscapes of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, which encompasses rugged mountains, deep gorges, and vast desert plains. Within these landscapes, you can uncover unique sandstone cliffs and hunting lodges that were once rest stops for caravans. It’s a haven not only for wildlife enthusiasts, but also for those eager to spot the awe-inspiring native Nubian ibex.

Whether you’re venturing into the depths of the canyon or hiking along the promenade, every twist and turn reveals something exciting.

Little Petra

Often overshadowed by its famous counterpart, Little Petra offers a similar experience but with fewer crowds. Marvel at the intricately carved tombs, thought to have been created by the Umayyads, and ancient architecture in this hidden gem. While enjoying the Petra view, you might even spot some Egyptian vultures soaring above. This historically significant tourism site in Saudi Arabia offers an unparalleled glimpse into the past.

Karak Castle

Karak Castle Located in the city of Karak, this medieval castle is a testament to Jordan’s rich history. A monument in its own right, this castle draws tourists eager to explore its hidden passages, halls, towering basalt structures and delve into times passed.

The atmosphere, heavy with history, seamlessly transports one back to a lively era of kings, knights and long sieges. Nestled amidst the enchanting woodlands, it offers a quintessential Jordanian experience, merging the austere grandeur of a military edifice with the tranquil charm of nature.

Quseir Amra

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Quseir Amra, a desert castle famous for its well-preserved frescoes. Venture east of Amman into the stony desert plains to this early-Islamic castle, an iconic example of the many forts, hunting lodges, and rest stops that are characteristic of Jordan’s heritage.

Discover the intricate artwork that adorns its walls as well as experience the reminiscent charm of the Biblical era. Located in the southern region, not far from the highlands, the castle stands as a prominent centre of culture and historical knowledge.

WePetra Jordan Taxi Service

When it comes to exploring Jordan’s tourist attractions, transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

WePetra Jordan Taxi Service is here to make your journey seamless, whether you’re marveling at the sun setting over the Jordan Valley, partaking in a historical forum in Israel, or admiring the Hellenistic edifices in the ancient ruins of Jerash, one of the best-preserved Roman cities situated in the bowl of a well-watered valley, about 50 kilometers north of Amman.

Our professional drivers and well-maintained fleet of vehicles are committed to providing you with the highest level of comfort and safety, allowing you to appreciate the stargazing experience in the Kilometers-wide sky.

Be it a visit to the iconic Petra with its majestic Hellenistic facade, a day trip to the impressive fort at Qasr al Kharana, a desert castle hailed as one of the largest castles in Jordan, or the seeking spiritual solace at the Moses Memorial Church, we ensure that your journey is nothing short of exciting and enriching.

Take a backseat in our comfortable taxis and relax as we drive through the landscapes dotted with historical forts, villas, and mountainous terrains offering breathtaking sunset views.

We offer reliable and punctual service, ensuring that you reach your desired destinations like the plush villa of Qasr Al-Abd or the scenic hiking trails in the largest nature reserve in Jordan, that spans across spectacular 320 square kilometers along the Great Rift Valley, in a convenient manner. Right from the Valley of the Moon to the Khazali Canyon, you can depend on us to make your trip a memorable one.

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Q: How do I reach Petra from Amman?

A: The best way to reach Petra from Amman is by hiring a taxi or using a trusted taxi service like WePetra. The route unfolds an immersive journey through archeological sites, letting the memorable silhouette of camels touch your gaze now and then.

Spanning across intriguing stopovers such as Ajloun and ancient Gadara, the drive is an approximate 3-hour sojourn by road, culminating at the sandstone canyon beauty of Petra.

Q: What can I see in Aqaba?

A: In Aqaba, you can enjoy stunning beaches, indulge in snorkeling and diving activities, and explore the colorful marine life and coral reefs of the Red Sea. Beyond this, a short distance away, the desert scenery reminiscent of America’s Grand Canyon awaits you.

For the history enthusiasts, the Crusader-period Ajloun Castle is a sight to behold. Also noteworthy is the unique experience of souvenir shops that dot the landscape, setting up an unforgettable sightseeing trip. To visit these and more spectacular sights, obtain the Jordan Pass, and soak up the rich Syrian-styled architecture in this region.

Q: Are there any accommodations available near the tourist attractions?

A: Yes, there are numerous accommodations available near the tourist attractions in Jordan. From bustling townships sprung up near Petra, brimming with restaurants, shops, and hotels, to wilderness lodges near the Mujib Reserve Biosphere, visitors undertaking camel tours or sightseeing adventures can easily find comfortable accommodations. Whether you fancy luxury resorts or budget-friendly options, you’re covered.

Q: Is it possible to explore all the mentioned tourist attractions in one trip?

A: Yes, it is possible to visit each unique tourist destination listed in one trip. However, the duration of your journey could fluctuate based on your travel itinerary and how much time you dedicate to each site. Tour experiences might range from viewing timeless sculptures, such as the remnants of a Hercules statue, to embracing the breathtaking views from a hilltop, or indulging in the rich history of hunting lodges.

Much rests on your interests, pace, and ability to transit between the contrasting landscapes of sandstone mountains and desert canyons. Special events, such as Petra By Night, traditional bathhouses, and bustling promenades, may also affect your scheduling.

Q: Are the tourist attractions mentioned suitable for families with children?

A: Yes, the tourist attractions mentioned are suitable for families with children. Begin the trip with mesmerizing sandstone cliffs, like those in the ‘Valley of the Moon’, which can inspire a taste for geology among young minds.

However, do consider the age and interests of your children while planning a visit to these historically rich places like the Azraq Castle, where early Islamic architecture of the Umayyads era shines, or the Sea of Galilee which offers sweeping views and the chance to spot wildlife like the Nubian ibex.

Conduct more child-specific research prior to visiting a mosque, which besides being a pivotal devotion place, also doubles as an art gallery with stunning pictures.

To start your enchanting journey, reach out to us on Amman: The Capital City, email us at, or visit our website at WhatsApp at +962791151602 Ride with us, and make every journey a cherished memory.

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