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Start Your Journey: Introduction to Petra

Discovering the Hidden City: Brief History of Petra

Embark On An Enchanting Journey: Your Ultimate Guide To Wadi Rum To Petra Taxi, Jordan'S Hidden Gem

The Ultimate Jordan Petra Tour: Best time to visit Petra from Amman. Unearth the archaeological wonders of Petra, a city etched in time, preserved in the rocky Jordanian desert landscape for over 2000 years. The ancient Nabataeans transformed this city from its red rock cliff origins into one of the world’s most iconic archaeological destinations. Dubbed as ‘The Lost City,’ Petra remained concealed in silence until its resurgence barely 200 years ago. Once a bustling Roman trading stop and a stronghold of the Nabataean Arab kingdom, Petra today has claimed its place in the limelight as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As you undertake a Petra overnight journey, you tread on the ancient paths, unearthing the secrets of the past within these labyrinthine caves. Every expedition delivers more puzzling narratives of this hidden gem, teeming with a fervent history and architectural majesty. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a globe-trotter yearning for picturesque destinations, Petra is an indispensable historical jewel you ought to visit when journeying through Jordan. Once your enigmatic experience ends at Petra, you are led back, retracing your steps through the Siq before returning to Amman overnight. Don’t forget to share your memorable expedition on Tripadvisor — your experiences contribute to the ranking of tours, activities and experiences, assisting fellow travelers in crafting their own unforgettable exploits. Trust us, your reviews are as priceless as the artifacts you discover within the mysterious confines of Petra.

Traveler’s Commitment: Why Visit Petra?

Emblazoned with incredible history, outstanding architecture, and awe-inspiring desert landscapes, Petra is a must-visit destination for every travel enthusiast. Once a hub of bustling Roman trade and a stronghold of the Nabataean Arab kingdom, Petra now stands as a coveted UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most iconic archaeological destinations.

The city offers more than just the archaeological site—explore the timeless landscapes on a thrilling desert jeep tour or camp under a brilliant night sky in traditional Bedouin encampments, providing a unique insight into Bedouin life. There are even opportunities to embark on a majestic camel trek across this expansive desert city.

Petra invites you to drink in the grandeur of its cultural heritage, from the Al Khazneh Temple (The Treasury) to the Monastery (Al-Deir). Each monument showcases a flair for human creativity that’s almost incomprehensible. Petra’s allure goes beyond its monumental ruins; it seeps into the small moments too.

Perhaps it’s the friendly local sharing stories of their heritage, the enchanting colors of the desert stones cast by the sun at dawn or dusk, or the calming, almost spiritual tranquility that hangs in the air of this once-lost city—Petra delivers a well-rounded experience that has prompted numerous discerning travelers to keep returning to this breathtaking destination.

With top-rated safety measures and improved accessibility, Petra offers a range of dining and lodging options to suit every traveler, ranging from five-star opulence to cozy campsites, with a comfortable stay averaging about $400. Whether it’s an organized tour or an independent exploratory trip, Petra summons all, as a must-see destination deserving of repeated appreciation and exploration.

Laying out the Red Carpet: Amman To Petra Tours

Unfolding Jordan’s Wonders: Impactful Petra Day Trip from Amman

Between Petra, a celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site, and Amman, Jordan’s bustling capital, lies just a three-hour drive. This easy access provides for a fascinating Petra overnight trip from Amman, making it not just manageable, but also extremely rewarding.

Your adventure begins as your devoted driver from our private tour team picks you up from your hotel bright and early. You’re then whisked away to Petra in a private, climate-controlled vehicle. This is your opportunity to uncover one of Jordan’s most iconic destinations, Petra, once a Roman trading stop and the heart of the Nabataean Arab kingdom. Explore its spectacular jewels—from its most famous monument, Al-Khazneh, carved directly into a sandstone cliff, to lesser-known treasures like the Byzantine Church, constructed in 447 AD.

After steeping yourself in the historical grandeur of Petra, your private tour whisks you back through the Siq before returning to Amman overnight. The tour further ensures you reach the comfort of your hotel room by nightfall. With prices starting from $94, you get a piece of Jordan’s rich history and marvelous architecture—all completed within approximately 10 hours.

Travel time, including the return journey, is calculated in the tour duration, guaranteeing an efficient experience without compromise on the Petra encounter. Consider elongating your experience with an additional private tour to Jerash & Ajloun Castle. The day tour to Petra from Amman, thus, is a thoughtfully structured journey balancing comfort and riveting history.

Savoring Beauty over Days: Multi-Day Petra Tours From Amman

One day in Petra might just whet your appetite for more of this iconic Jordanian city. Embarking on a Petra overnight private tour gets travelers to fully immerse in the rich cultural and archaeological offerings of Petra—one of Jordan’s most breathtaking destinations. Multi-day tours, stretching over 2 to 3 days, offer a deeper connection with Petra’s heritage, promising a leisurely exploration of the city’s monumental grandeur.

A thorough Petra overnight tour includes everything from the intricate facade of the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), the expansive Monastery (Al-Deir), hiking the ancient trails of al-Madras, to discovering lesser-known but deeply stirring sites like Little Petra—a remarkable reflection of Petra’s architectural magnificence.

Through the engaging stories of your local guide, you will live the history of this ancient civilization, once a bustling Roman trading stop, and embark on your journey back to Amman after your immersive time at Petra. These compelling Petra overnight tours are more than just archaeological exploration. They also embrace the delightful Jordanian hospitality, like the welcome drink and local culinary experiences—you get to truly savor Petra, both visibly and gastronomically, over several beautiful days. The momentous Petra Nights show adds to this spectacle, with Petra’s ruins lit up under the Arabian night sky in breathtaking fashion.

On the next day, the thrill continues. After breakfast, you will drive north to Jerash, an exemplary reminiscence of the Roman Empire. It is situated in the foothills of the mountain of Gilead, and during your Jordan tour, you would visit the colonnaded street, Oval Plaza the Nymphaeum, and the temple of Artemis. For travelers seeking a thorough Petra and Jerash experience on their Jordan private tour, these multi-day tours from Amman are an excellent choice, offering a well-paced, in-depth journey through the cities’ past, rightly making Petra and Jerash some of the world’s most iconic archaeological destinations.

Let’s Dive Deep: Attractions within Petra

Architectural Marvels: Beautiful Monuments in Petra

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Petra’s architecture that whispers tales from time immemorial. Make your Petra overnight adventure an unforgettable one as you step into the past, exploring the stronghold of the Nabataean Arab kingdom that once thrived here. This once notable Roman trading stop is now one of the world’s most iconic archaeological destinations. Here’s a glance at some of Petra’s famous monuments:

The Treasury (Al-Khazneh): The first iconic sight you’ll see upon entering Petra through the Siq is the striking Treasury—an architectural gem that greets you with an intricately carved Hellenistic facade.

The Monastery (Ad-Deir): A worthwhile climb of 800 steps rewards you with the sight of the Monastery—one of Jordan’s breathtaking destinations—it’s monumental size outshines even the Treasury.

Street of Facades/Ancient Main Street: This destination offers a rich cultural tableau lined with tombs, temples, and intricate carvings depicting various aspects of the remarkable Nabataean culture.

Royal Tombs: These tombs are more than just resting places, they are destinations in Petra, larger and more elaborately decorated. Among the more prominent are the Urn Tomb, the Silk Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb, and the Palace Tomb.

The Great Temple: One of the largest structures in Petra, its sheer size, and architectural complexity are a testament to the impressive Nabataean architectural prowess which makes it a destination in its own right.

In addition to Petra, a 4-day private tour to Jerash & Ajloun Castle adds another layer to your historical adventure. But remember, Petra, with its stunning destinations, is akin to an iceberg—a large portion of its vast historical wealth still lies undiscovered, waiting to be excavated.

Hearth to Free Spirits: Adventurous Trails and Excursions in Petra

Petra is more than its impressive ruins. For the thrill-seekers and lovers of the great outdoors, Petra offers a vast sandy playground filled with adventurous trails and excursions—such as the unforgettable desert jeep tour—that reveal its natural wonders and an opportunity to experience the magic of the place alongside friendly camels.

Hiking Trails: Nebataean pathways crisscross their way across Petra, offering stunning panoramas. Opt for short walks through the time-weathered city or challenge yourself with hikes to the Monastery (Al-Deir) or High Place of Sacrifice.

Horseback Riding: Engage in a thrilling 2-hour horseback ride and follow ancient trails once trodden by the Nabateans, Romans, Bedouins, and camels alike.

Desert Jeep Safari: Hitch a ride with a local Bedouin guide on a Wadi Rum desert jeep tour and head off-road into the desert landscape, witness the mesmerizing undulating dunes, towering crags and weathered rock formations revealing eons of natural history.

Bedouin Camping: Embark on a unique experience of spending a night under the stars at a Bedouin glamping-style campsite. The camp offers a rare insight into the Bedouin way of life, from the camel-supported communal living to their enduring hospitality and mesmerizing desert stories.

Hiking, horseback riding, camping— Petra does not disappoint those in search of an adrenaline rush. Craggy cliffs, unforgiving dunes, and historic trails abound, making the city a veritable paradise for every outdoor and desert jeep tour enthusiast. Discover the mysteries of Jordan by visiting its most fascinating and magical sites, including Petra.

A Nutshell Opportunity: Petra Day Tour

Distance and Time: How Far is Petra from Amman?

Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is approximately 236 kilometers away from Petra. By car, on the swiftly traversed Desert Highway, the journey generally takes about 3 hours, echoing similar travel patterns of a 3-hour flight from Tel Aviv to Amman. Seasoned travelers often delve into the picturesque Kings Highway. Despite stretching the travel time to nearly 4.5 hours, the route unfolds a panorama of Jordan’s diverse landscapes, a stark departure from Tel Aviv’s mesmerizing coastline.

Should your journey start from the beach resort city of Aqaba, Petra is a comfortable 126-kilometer drive away, commonly rounded off within 2 hours. Upon arrival at Petra, parking alternatives abound, with a complimentary car park conveniently positioned in front of the Petra Moon Hotel, which often earns commendations on Tripadvisor comments.

This is just opposite the bus stop, an established starting point for the trusty JETT buses – these buses cater to the urgent mobility demands of travelers across diverse locations such as Amman, Aqaba, and even Tel Aviv.

Providing comfort, ease, and pivotal routes extending all the way to the animated city of Tel Aviv, journeying to Petra, whether from Amman or Aqaba, is an efficient process that lays the groundwork for a lasting visit to the historical city. After spending an exhaustive day exploring Petra, travelers frequently prefer a Petra overnight stay before heading back, potentially to Amman the following day.

Discover, Eat, Relax: What to Expect on a Petra Day Tour?

A Petra day tour promises an exhilarating journey through human history, peppered with sumptuous local cuisine and rare Bedouin experiences. But, have you ever considered a Petra overnight experience? Here’s a snapshot, chock-full of information, outlining what a typical day tour to Petra encompasses, along with a hint of a unique overnight stay:

Discover: Your journey begins at the Petra Visitor Centre, where your guide will provide a wealth of info about your impending adventures. This could also include a thrilling camel ride through the narrow, winding pathway of the Siq, dramatically opening up to the awe-striking Treasury (Al-Khazneh).

Continue to explore grand tombs, temples, the imposing Monastery (Ad-Deir), the Byzantine Church, and the Colonnaded Street, all testaments to Petra’s unsurpassed architectural and artistic genius.

Eat: Immerse yourself in local gastronomy during your break, sampling traditional Jordanian cuisine. Savour generously spiced meats, savory rice dishes, warm breads straight out of communal ovens, and taste the unique flavours of local tea. Learn about Jordanian dishes from your guide, an expert in local cuisine. Indulging in a delectable Jordanian lunch, often included in the tour package, offers an authentic taste of local gastronomy.

Relax: End the day on a relaxed note — sift through local handicrafts at various Petra gift shops or enjoy a revitalizing massage at one of the spas in Wadi Musa. Alternatively, opt for Petra by Night, viewing the hypnotizing illumination of Petra’s monuments beneath the star-studded Arabian sky. Or, enhance the experience by undertaking a Petra overnight stay that has you returning to Amman, refreshed with experiences and stories to tell.

From dawn to dusk, and beyond, a Petra day tour and an overnight retreat is a comprehensive encounter with Jordan’s remarkable history, exquisite cuisine, and warm hospitality. Detailed with enlightening information, it ensures an unrivaled exploration that enhances your understanding of this magnificent city and its awe-inspiring culture.

Taking Extra Doses: Combined Petra Tours

Combo Pleasure: Petra And Wadi Rum Tour From Amman

For those seeking an unparalleled immersion in Jordanian wonders, a combination tour of Petra and Wadi Rum from Amman is an ideal choice. For as low as $399.00 per group, these tours perfectly fuse the architectural magic of Petra with the raw, untamed landscapes of Wadi Rum on an exciting desert jeep tour, all condensed into a time-efficient itinerary. This combo makes Jordan’s cultural and natural wonders accessible even for those with a packed schedule.

Your journey begins in Amman, from where you are chauffeured to Petra. Here, delve into the mysteries of this iconic locale, soaking in Petra’s distinctive rock-cut architecture, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Bedouin culture. With the day drawing toward a close, you then venture forth on a Petra overnight journey towards Wadi Rum—the sweeping desert landscape that transports you into an otherworldly realm. Here, the desert jeep tour becomes a part of your adventure, revealing the mesmerizing sprawl of sandy dunes, distinctive rock formations, inscriptions, and drawings dating back 12,000 years.

The option of a traditional Bedouin dinner under the starlit sky boosts your immersive experience, offering a taste of their gastronomy and expressive culture, which further enriches your Jordanian sojourn. As you head back to Amman under the cloak of the night, your adventure concludes, leaving you with cherished memories and standout sights exclusive to Jordan.

Each stop on this combo tour, including Petra and the thrilling desert jeep tour at Wadi Rum, represents a distinct dimension of Jordan’s identity—it’s an unparalleled journey of exploration and adventure.

All-in-One Adventure: Petra, Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum tour

Experience an exhilarating tryst with Jordan’s most beautiful landscapes through the definitive Petra, Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum combo tour. Embark on a thrilling desert jeep tour as a part of this journey that often spans two to three days. This tour promises a leap through time from the Roman trading era to modern-day Jordan, unearthing iconic destinations such as Petra. Here, you get a tantalizing taste of the rich Arabian culture in Wadi Rum. This perfect blend of history, adventure, and relaxation, offers an all-inclusive view of Jordan’s dazzling diversity.

Your adventure begins in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, with its detailed architecture and profound historical roots. You will explore everything from the grand Al-Khazneh to the tranquil Monastery, trek the ancient Nabatean pathways, and immerse yourself in Petra’s timeless beauty. After your time at Petra, enjoy a petra overnight enraptured by the allure before you journey back through the Siq for your return to Amman.

The second part of the adventure ferries you to the unforgettable spectacle of Wadi Rum, also known as ‘The Valley of the Moon’. Here, you’ll navigate astounding sandstone mountains, gigantic rock formations, and ever-changing sand dunes on a unique desert jeep tour. As dusk settles, succumb to the age-old Bedouin tradition of camping under the shimmering Arabian sky.

Finally, rejuvenate at the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea. Float on its famously saline waters, daub the therapeutic mud on your skin, or simply let the surreal views of this natural marvel wash over you.

For a starting reserve of $275.00, which varies per group size, this tour escorts you on an amazing adventure through varied landscapes, making it the premier choice for explorers seeking diversity within their vacation. Make sure not to pass by such grand destinations on your journey to Eilat.

Best Slot to hit for: Ideal Time to Visit Petra

Weather Reel: Understand Petra’s Climate

Petra experiences a semi-arid climate, making for dry, warm summers and relatively mild winters. The daytime temperatures in the summer, particularly in July and August, can surge to an average of around 33°C (91°F) and offers very little shade around the site. To ensure comfort during your Petra overnight stay, bringing plenty of water and wearing seasonal appropriate attire are highly recommended; these are often suggested in numerous Tripadvisor reviews when considering a trip to Petra in this season.

Fall’s (September-November) and spring’s (March-May) moderate temperatures, averaging from 19°C–28°C (66–82°F), and drier climate constitute the ideal conditions for exploring Petra’s architectural richness. Updated trip guides, as seen on Tripadvisor, with excellent and intriguing information about Petra, are often made available during these preferred seasons, further enhancing visitor experience.

Winter (December-February), frequently overlooked due to its status as the least popular season for tourists, is a fact rarely shared. With temperatures oscillating between 2–13°C (36–55°F) and about eight showers, especially in January, it implies Petra welcomes marginally more precipitation in winter than in the other seasons.

The more informed you are about Petra’s unique climatic characteristics, the better you can plan your visit. Tripadvisor reviews often endorse this sentiment. With such info, one can easily choose a season that aligns with their preferences and comfort, ensuring an exciting and fulfilling Petra adventure.

Spot the Ideal: Best Seasons to Explore Petra

The best time to explore Petra is during the spring and autumn months—March, April, and May or September, October, and November. These months not only provide optimal weather conditions, but also enhance your experience at Petra, as confirmed by a multitude of high ratings and positive reviews on Tripadvisor. With average high temperatures hovering between 19°C–28°C (66–82°F), the climate is perfect for comfortable explorations of Petra’s vast archaeological wonderland. Our local guides, highly recommended for their Petra overnight tours, provide visitors with detailed information about planning their trips, and the unique experiences Petra has to offer throughout the year.

March is especially desirable for the globetrotters pursuing historical insights, in the esteemed companionship of historical enthusiasts worldwide. The time is ripe for indulging in the plethora of outdoor activities available at Petra. Just imagine hiking the trails or enjoying a horse-driven carriage tour of the rose-red city—each journey enriched with fascinating nuggets of information, as validated by several Tripadvisor users in their reviews.

Meanwhile, the summer season, favored by some for its crowd-free exploration and advantageous hotel rates, requires extra precautions due to the risk of sunburns. Winters, on the other hand, present a tranquil ambiance along with the picturesque charm of Petra adorned in occasional snow. Remember to pack smartly, preparing for colder temperatures and scattered showers.

Indeed, the best time to visit Petra relies on personal preferences, whether your focus is comfort, crowd reduction, budget consideration, or the allure of unique climatic experiences. But no matter when you choose to visit, with astute planning and all the essential information provided by the reliable Tripadvisor community, any time of the year can transform into an ideal season for your unforgettable Petra exploration.

Preparation Preps: Few Important Tips Before You Go to Petra

Stay Stylish with Comfort: What to Wear During the Tour?

Choosing the right attire for your Petra trip can significantly raise your comfort quotient. Informed planning, aided by detailed information about the tour listed on Tripadvisor, can guide you in packing appropriately. Given that Petra tours often include long walks and overnight stays, comfortable footwear, such as walking shoes or sturdy trainers, is indispensable. As Petra’s landscape is sandy and rocky, these shoes will provide the necessary grip and comfort for exploring this captivating city.

Since Jordan is predominantly a Muslim country, it is advisable to dress conservatively, considering guidelines and advice found in Petra overnight Tripadvisor reviews about respecting local culture. Long-sleeved cotton tops and trousers or long skirts are preferred for the dual purpose of respecting local culture and protecting against the sun. However, women aren’t required to cover their hair, unless venturing into religious sites.

Given the clear lack of shade in Petra’s archaeological site, packing a wide-brimmed hat, scarf, and sunglasses, along with critical weather information from Tripadvisor, is wise to protect against strong sun rays. It’s also worth remembering to carry a generous supply of sunscreen, which should be frequently reapplied.

Do pack an extra layer if you’re planning to make an overnight visit to Petra in spring or autumn, as our guides provide information about cooler early mornings. In winter, a raincoat comes handy. Additionally, remember to carry a light backpack to store water and snacks, as well as the potential souvenirs you may buy.

When visiting Petra, comfort and respect for local customs should guide your sartorial choices. With the right info sourced from Tripadvisor and overnight reviews, you can ensure an enjoyable Petra tour while also blending in with the cultural sensibilities of Jordan.

Safety, Rules, and Restriction: Dos and Don’ts at Petra

Enjoying Petra responsibly involves abiding by a few simple safety measures, rules, and restrictions. Before planning your Petra overnight, refer to Tripadvisor for reliable reviews and comprehensive guides. It’s essential to appreciate the dos and don’ts, respecting local customs and the historical significance of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  1. Proper Hydration: Petra’s dry climate necessitates carrying sufficient water to stay well hydrated.
  2. Dress Appropriately: In this predominantly Muslim country, modest dressing—covering knees and shoulders—is seen as a mark of respect.
  3. Respect the Site: As you journey through Petra, remember not to touch or climb on ancient structures and monuments; they carry invaluable historical significance.
  4. Guided Tours: Hiring professional tour guides, often reviewed on Tripadvisor, can enlighten you about Petra’s intriguing history, architecture, and cuisine.


  1. Avoid Animal Rides: While they’re offered, it’s recommended to forgo animal rides due to ethical concerns around animal welfare and damage their hooves may cause to paths and structures.
  2. No Littering: As a site of monumental importance, it’s crucial to leave Petra as you found it—dispose of your litter in designated trash cans.
  3. Avoid Off-Track Exploring: Wandering off designated paths isn’t advised; preserving Petra includes maintaining its natural landscape, as well its rich architectural heritage.

By following these guidelines, each traveler contributes to the preservation of Petra’s heritage, ensuring this astonishing archaeological site remains a marvel for future generations. After your fruitful day, you may choose to return to the comfort of your hotel in Amman for a restful overnight, as popularized by numerous Tripadvisor reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get the Answered Queries

Is One Day Enough for Petra?

While it’s possible to get an overview of Petra’s fascinating features in a single day, the scope of this extensive archaeological site means that you may not be able to fully explore all of its wonders in such a limited time. A Petra overnight trip could allow for a more immersive experience. Given its size, detailed info from an experienced guide, like Hassan who is lauded for his wealth of info about Petra and local culture, can significantly enrich your journey. With 2,640 acres in the Petra Archaeologic Park, there is much to discover, and few restrictions on independent exploration.

A typical one-day tour, facilitated by knowledgeable guides, may take you to highlights like the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), the Monastery (Ad-Deir), and along the scenic Street of Facades or the Colonnaded Street. Still, without guidance, you might overlook captivating sites like the Byzantine Church, the High Place of Sacrifice, or the Royal Tombs. Map-based treks to unseen wonders like Al-Khubtha trail or Little Petra also can’t be squeezed into one day.

Hence, if your schedule and budget permit, spending at least two full days is highly recommended by seasoned tourists on Tripadvisor. For an exhaustive journey encompassing all major landmarks, off-the-beaten-path excursions in surrounding areas, and intimate cultural experiences, many Tripadvisor members recommend a minimum of a five-day stay. The helpful hotel staff at Amman, notably your concierge, can provide you with detailed info about scheduling these extended trips. Regardless of the duration of your visit, Petra, a treasure trove of historical information, undoubtedly leaves an indelible imprint, with each expedition revealing new layers of its compelling history.

Are there guided tours available in Petra?

Yes, guided tours are readily available and highly recommended in Petra. For an enhanced experience, consider a Jordan private tour that will significantly enrich your journey through this ancient city, offering necessary information and intriguing insights into its historical, artistic, and cultural narratives that you otherwise might miss.

Look out for the popular 3 hours inside Petra tour or the extended 3-Day Private Tour from Amman that features Petra among other prominent sites, as suggested by Tripadvisor member reviews. These guides, often fluent in English and other languages, are well-known for their deep understanding of Petra’s landscape, culture, and history, combined with stories passed down through generations.

Bookings for these tours can typically be arranged through a variety of channels, either pre-planned via travel agencies or hotels, or you can choose from the opportunities that Tripadvisor provides. Options also abound at the Petra Visitor Centre, which offers professionally-guided tours, allowing for last-minute decisions upon arrival. Tripadvisor handles a significant part of these bookings and ranks tours based on revenue generated, the frequency of user clicks, and the volume and quality of customer reviews.

Guided tours provide an invaluable opportunity to delve deeper into Petra’s intricate history, discover hidden trails, and engage deeply with the local culture, while also gaining exclusive access to lesser-known, stunning photo angles. Embarking on these tours, as many Tripadvisor members suggest, can add an entirely new layer to your Petra adventure.

petra tour with WePetra Jordan Tours And Travel

Wander through time by embarking on a Petra Tour with WePetra Jordan Tours and Travel— a division of the established Petra Travel & Tourism Co. Renowned for its specialization in a vast range of tourism services, WePetra helps you craft personalized, memorable trips in the historic landscapes of Jordan. Be it an adventure tour entailing trekking and wild camping or a luxury trip accentuated by a private guide; their experienced team customizes it all to suit your preferences.

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