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Discover a seamless blend of history, architecture, and culture in the top tourist spots Jordan has to offer from Petra to Wadi Rum and more.

Petra: Lost City of the Nabateans

Unravel the mysteries of Petra, a city sculpted into vibrant sandstone cliffs by the Nabateans over 2,000 years ago, only to be lost to time and rediscovered in 1812. Explore the city’s architectural grandeur, which speaks volumes about the Nabateans’ religious, socio-economic, and cultural significance. Decode the intricate stone carvings and come face-to-face with the ancient world in Jordan’s most-visited tourist destination.

The Treasury

Standing as Petra’s most renowned monument, the Treasury, also known as ‘Al-Khazneh’, is an awe-inspiring edifice carved right out of a sandstone rock face. Its intricate design, along with the captivating legends of concealed treasure, calls for an unforgettable exploration.

The Monastery

The Monastery, Petra’s largest monument, commands a magnificent presence. Ascend an arduous trail of over 800 steps, hewed directly into the mountainside to uncover this religious and architectural marvel.

The Royal Tombs

Discover the Royal Tombs in Petra, a testament to the grandeur and mystery of the Nabatean civilization. Experience an intimate descent into history as you tour these exquisitely carved structures and appreciate their significance.

Wadi Rum: The Desert Wonderland

Unveiling the vast, breath-taking beauty of Wadi Rum, Jordan’s epic desert landscape leaves an indelible impression. The serenity of the orange-hued sands and towering cliffs transport you into a world of tranquil respite.

As the sun descends, Wadi Rum transforms into a celestial playground. Marvel at the star-studded canopy overhead while nestled in comforting desert warmth, a spectacle reserved for this wonderland alone.

Jeep Tours

Embark on the exhilarating adventure of Jeep Tours in Jordan to experience a thrill that’s hard to beat as you explore the fascinating terrain of this enchanting country.

Camel Rides

Deep into Wadi Rum’s desert wilderness, camel rides offer an authentic Jordanian experience. Carrying on a tradition as age-old as the sands themselves, these treks harken back to a time less hectic and more in touch with nature.

Camping under the Stars

Gazing at the starlit sky in Wadi Rum offers a surreal experience unlike any other. Known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’, it provides an ethereal panorama that truly marries earth and cosmos.

Wadi Rum’s desert camping lets you experience Bedouin life, offering a rare blend of starlit serenity, ageless landscapes, and authentic Arabic gastronomy.

Bask in the serenity of Jordan’s vast desert at night. Experience the crisp air, silence broken only by the rustling wind and the breathtaking view of countless stars twinkling overhead.

Jordan’s desert campsite is more than just a stay; it’s an immersion in the elements. Listen to the ancient whispers of the sand dunes, witness the mesmerizing desert sunset and let the cool breeze envelop you.

Under the desert sky, relive the life of the Bedouins. Trade tales around a bonfire, savour traditional meals and be a part of an unforgettable journey into Jordan’s timeless landscape.

Dead Sea: A Natural Wonder

Dive into the unusual swimming experience at the Dead Sea, a natural marvel in Jordan unparalleled elsewhere on earth; its hyper-saline waters refuse to let you sink.

Revitalize your body and spirit in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, where floating effortlessly and enjoying mineral-rich mud baths complete a unique healing journey.

Floating on the Saltiest Sea

The weightless wonderment experienced on Jordan’s Dead Sea is unforgettable. The exceptionally high salt content enables visitors to float effortlessly, providing a sense of extraordinary tranquility. Experience an incomparable connection with nature as you float on the world’s saltiest sea.

Floating on the Dead Sea isn’t just a dip in the water – it’s defying gravity. The surreal thrill of effortlessly floating is a unique sensation that sets the Dead Sea apart from other bodies of water. This unparalleled experience is a must-have adventure on your Jordanian getaway.

The Dead Sea’s therapeutic waters are globally acclaimed. As you marvel at the buoyancy, do not forget to cover yourself with its mineral-rich mud. The skin rejuvenation brought about by the potent minerals in this nature’s spa elevates the Dead Sea floating experience to a new high.

Mud Baths and Spa Treatments

Rejuvenation takes on a whole new meaning at the Dead Sea. The natural mud baths, rich in minerals, provide an unparalleled exfoliating and nurturing experience, leaving your skin with a luminous glow.

Imagine a day dedicated solely to your relaxation. This is the essence of a Jordanian spa. Immerse in local treatments which incorporate Dead Sea elements, while surrounded by surrealistic beauty, reflecting a true Jordanian narrative.

Exploring the Dead Sea Minerals

Unlock the potent healing qualities of the Dead Sea minerals unique to the region. Witness how these natural salts and clays are converted into luxurious skincare products.

Dead Sea minerals form the backbone of Jordanian wellness tourism. From spas to beauty therapies, these therapeutic resources enhance your wellness journey in Jordan.

Amman: The Capital City

Amman, the pulsating heart of Jordan, invites you to embark on a unique journey of exploration with its fascinating blend of antiquity and modernity. This experiential guide enables tourists to delve into the city’s rich tapestry of historical landmarks, including the grand Amman Citadel and the ancient Roman Theater, and experience a seamless fusion of ancient heritage and modern aura embodied in the vibrant Souk Jara.

Amman Citadel

Deemed as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities, walking in Amman allows you to step into the pages of history. The Amman Citadel, perched atop Jebel Al Qala’a, provides a panoramic view of downtown Amman.

Immerse yourself in history with the Citadel’s remarkably preserved ruins. Experience an up-close encounter with the Temple of Hercules, Byzantine Church, and Umayyad Palace, each telling its own tale of past civilizations.

Your walk through time uncovers the Citadel’s multi-layered past. Trails of Iron Age, Roman, Umayyad, and Byzantine eras lie intertwined, their legacy standing the test of time.

The Citadel offers more than breathtaking city views. The Jordan Archaeological Museum on-site showcases artifacts from prehistoric periods up until the 15th century, making it a treasure trove for history buffs.

Don’t miss the Hand of Hercules, a mysterious ruin evoking curiosity and wonder. The massive marble fingers and elbow of what supposedly was a colossal statue, adds to the Citadel’s thought-provoking aura.

Roman Theater

Showcasing Roman grandeur at its finest, the Roman Theater in Amman, Jordan is truly unmissable. As you climb its steep steps, feel the very essence of history under your feet. It’s a testament to the architectural prowess of a bygone era.

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey at the Roman Theater in Amman. Experience the historical spectacle that attracts thousands of tourists every year. From its ancient stones to the large, crescent-shaped arena, there’s an unspoken allure waiting to be discovered.

Souk Jara

Venture into the heart of Amman and uncover the treasures of Souk Jara, a shopping paradise loved by tourists and locals alike. A maze of stalls, it brims over with antiques, colourful handicrafts, and locally made jewellery.

From vintage trinkets to exquisite handicrafts, Souk Jara is a vibrant melting pot where various art forms co-exist. Stroll through its bustling alleyways and experience the joy of discovering unique, one-of-a-kind treasures waiting for your discovery.

Jerash: The Ancient Roman Ruins

Immerse yourself in Jerash, an archaeological trove that stands as a glorious testament to the Roman Empire’s grandeur. Its triumphant arches, majestic colonnaded streets, and ancient hippodrome seem to echo the footsteps of Roman soldiers and chariot races.

Jerash, Jordan’s window to the ancient world, unfolds stories of an era long gone. Discover the charm of Hadrian’s Arch, the Cardo Maximus’ aura, and the rich traditions revived during the vibrant Jerash Heritage Festival. Experience the undeniable allure of history.

Cardo Maximus

A historian’s dream awaits at Cardo Maximus in Jerash. Every crumbled stone, every weathered column echoes with millennia of bustling marketplace activity. Uncover layers of civilisation with each step on Cardo Maximus.

Jerash’s Cardo Maximus is not just a preserved Roman street, but a vivid teleport to another era. Envision Roman soldiers, traders, citizens walking down the same stone-paved thoroughfare, leaving an indelible imprint of their existence.

Discover the resounding legacy of the Cardo Maximus in Jerash. Engage with a piece of the past that continues to breathe life into Jordan’s cultural landscape through its history, inspiring awe in each tourist who walks its paths.

Hadrian’s Arch

Marvel at the majestic Hadrian’s Arch. It stands as a testament to Jordan’s rich Roman heritage, inviting tourists to imagine the grand processions that once passed through its gates.

The elegantly designed archway, built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 129 AD, showcases unparalleled Roman architectural ingenuity. Every stone recounts an ancient tale of craftsmanship.

While exploring Hadrian’s Arch, you’ll notice intricate inscriptions and carvings that further underscore the marvel that Jordan’s Roman era was.

With its arresting beauty and historical significance, Hadrian’s Arch provides an immersive peek into Jordan’s past, making it a must-visit for history buffs and curious travelers alike.

So, don’t miss out on beholding the splendor of this ancient monument. Experience the magic of Hadrian’s Arch and let your imagination unfold the narratives of this captivating heritage site.


Channel your inner gladiator at Jerash’s Hippodrome, once a battlefield for thrilling chariot races and gladiatorial games. The echoes and remnants of this historical spectacle add an undeniable charm to your visit.

Steeped in history, Jerash’s Hippodrome offers tourists a chance to step into the past. The well-preserved ruins are a testament to the grandeur of ancient civilizations and maintain an everlasting allure that captivates global travelers.

Jerash Heritage Festival

Immerse yourself into Jordan’s rich history through the vibrant Jerash Heritage Festival. This grand event exemplifies Jordanian tradition, boasting a fabulous display of art, music, and dance.

The Jerash Heritage Festival is a mammoth celebration marking Jordan’s cultural identity. A visit to this festival unveils a world where antiquity and modernity coalesce, heightening one’s travel experience.

here is a brief overview of each of the top tourist spots in Jordan

Aqaba: A coastal city known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and marine life. Keywords: Aqaba, Red Sea, diving, snorkeling, beach resorts.

Siq: The narrow gorge that serves as the entrance to the ancient city of Petra. Keywords: Siq, Petra, red sandstone, rock formations, archaeological site.

  1. Madaba: A city famous for its Byzantine mosaics, including the Madaba Map. Keywords: Madaba, mosaics, Byzantine art, Madaba Map, St. George’s Church.
  2. Umm Qais: An ancient Roman city with impressive ruins and panoramic views of the Sea of Galilee. Keywords: Umm Qais, Gadara, Roman ruins, Decapolis, Sea of Galilee.
  3. Wadi Mujib: A scenic canyon and nature reserve perfect for hiking and adventure activities. Keywords: Wadi Mujib, Jordan River, nature reserve, hiking, canyoning.
  4. Ajloun Castle: A medieval fortress situated on a hilltop, offering stunning views and historical significance. Keywords: Ajloun Castle, medieval fortress, hilltop fort, Islamic architecture, Ajloun Governorate.
  5. Dana Biosphere Reserve: A diverse nature reserve home to various plant and animal species, including endangered species. Keywords: Dana Biosphere Reserve, biodiversity, hiking trails, eco-tourism, wildlife conservation.
  6. Gulf of Aqaba: A stunning body of water famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs. Keywords: Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, snorkeling, diving, marine biodiversity.
  7. Desert Castles: Ancient fortresses located in the Jordanian desert, showcasing extraordinary Islamic art and architecture. Keywords: Desert Castles, Qasr Amra, Qasr Kharana, Islamic art, desert architecture, ancient ruins.
  8. Al Khazneh in Petra: Also known as “The Treasury,” it is one of the most iconic structures in Petra, carved into the sandstone cliff. Keywords: Al Khazneh, The Treasury, Petra, archaeological site, rock-cut architecture.
  9. Little Petra: A smaller, lesser-known archaeological site near Petra, offering a glimpse into Nabatean civilization. Keywords: Little Petra, Siq al-Barid, Nabatean ruins, rock-cut tombs, ancient trade routes.
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