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Embark on an incredible journey through Jordan with our professionally crafted custom itineraries designed to deliver an immersive and unforgettable travel experience.

When it comes to planning your tailor-made adventure in Jordan, WePetra Jordan Taxi is here to provide you with exceptional service and expertise.

Our team specializes in custom itineraries, ensuring that every aspect of your travel experience is personalized and stress-free. From arranging your flights to creating a detailed travel itinerary, our dedicated personal travel planners will handle every detail.

With our customized approach, you’ll have the freedom to explore Jordan at your own pace and indulge in unique experiences that suit your preferences.

Trust WePetra Jordan Taxi, the leading travel agency in Jordan, to design a holiday that exceeds your expectations. Discover the convenience of our travel itinerary planner and embark on a journey that’s truly tailored to you.

Tour To Discover Jordan’s Rich History

Jordan’s timeline showcases a rich tapestry of ancient civilizations, making it the perfect destination for a historical tour. By partnering with our expert team at WePetra Jordan Taxi, you can enjoy a seamless travel planning experience that focuses on customizing your itinerary.

We understand the importance of personalization, and our dedicated travel planners will work closely with you to create a vacation itinerary that suits your preferences and interests.

Whether you’re fascinated by the Ammonites of the Iron Age or eager to explore the cultural treasures of the modern-day era, our itinerary planning expertise ensures that you won’t miss out on any historical landmarks.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Jordan’s rich history with us.

In Jordan, the grandeur of Roman architecture and a fusion of Greek, Byzantine, and Islamic elements create a unique, immersive historical experience for travelers.

The influences of diverse civilizations permeate Jordan’s cultural landscape. From the grand Roman architecture in Jerash to the infused Greek, Byzantine, and Islamic elements in Amman Citadel, these cultural imprints have shaped a distinctly exciting and immersive historical canvas for travelers to explore.

Explore the Ancient City of Petra

Petra, the architectural playhouse of the Nabateans, is Jordan’s jewel and a world’s wonder. This ancient city unlocks compelling stories of an advanced civilization while revealing its unique architectural talents.

Uncover the Ruins of Jerash

Jerash offers a captivating journey through time, its splendid ruins painting a vivid picture of the grandeur of Rome in the heart of the Jordanian desert.

Experience the Magnificence of Amman Citadel

For a customized journey back in time, the Amman Citadel offers a captivating experience that showcases the rich and diverse history of Jordan. As a leading provider of custom travel experiences, WePetra Jordan Taxi can help you create a personalized itinerary that includes a visit to this historical landmark. Using our expertly designed template, we will ensure that your trip to the Amman Citadel is tailored to your preferences, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the grand monuments and unearthed artifacts that tell the stories of civilizations past. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this remarkable site as part of your custom travel experience in Jordan.

Immerse Yourself in Jordan’s Natural Wonders

Marvel at Jordan’s astonishing variety of ecosystems, transitioning from sweeping desert landscapes to verdant wetlands. Whether you’re watching the sun set over Wadi Rum’s crimson dunes or spotting rare bird species in the Azraq Wetland Reserve, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of adventure and serenity.

Wildlife lovers will be enthralled by Jordan’s myriad fauna. From the elusive Arabian Oryx in the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve to the vibrant coral reefs of the Red Sea teeming with marine life, each moment in Jordan offers a unique encounter with nature’s bounty.

As you journey through this Middle Eastern gem, be it the thriving underwater ecosystems of Aqaba or the shimmering desert plains of Wadi Rum, Jordan faithfully mirrors the opulence and diversity of the natural world.

Float in the Dead Sea

Delight in the unique sensation of effortlessly floating in the Dead Sea, an experience unmatched anywhere else on the globe. Take it a step further and harness the sea’s therapeutic properties for a holistic wellness experience.

Hike Through the Dramatic Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum offers an adventurous outlet for hikers seeking breathtaking desert landscapes, while also doubling as a serene oasis for those needing peace and relaxation amid nature’s grandeur.

Dive Into the Majestic Red Sea

Diving into the Red Sea, one becomes part of an enchanting underwater world. Unforgettable scuba diving adventures in the turquoise waters reveal breathtakingly vibrant coral gardens, caverns, and shipwrecks.

These waters are teeming with a kaleidoscope of marine life found nowhere else. Exotic species, such as the Napoleon Wrasse and Lionfish, live alongside playful dolphins, offering delightful encounters for divers.

The Red Sea’s coral reefs are among nature’s most spectacular creations. Immerse yourself in an unrivaled aquatic spectacle, buzzing with life and bursting with colors, where fascinating creatures make their homes in a labyrinth of coral structures.

Just glimpsing the thriving, diverse coral reef ecosystems is an unforgettable experience that deepens appreciation for the sea’s profound beauty. From the smallest neon nudibranch to the grandest brain coral, the dazzling undersea universe of Jordan’s Red Sea will leave you awe-inspired.

Indulge in Authentic Jordanian Cuisine

Unearth the rich, diverse flavors of Jordanian cuisine. From savory traditional mezze to the mouthwatering mansaf, every dish is an integral part of the Jordanian heritage offering an unmatched gastronomic experience.

Savor the delights of Jordanian cuisine in local street food joints, serving freshly made Arabic sweets and more. It stands as a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the nation’s culinary traditions, appreciating its timeless practices and flavors.

Sample Traditional Jordanian Mezze

Feasting on Jordanian mezze reveals much about the country’s traditions. It’s an artful array, where every tiny dish has its own story, giving you a direct taste of Jordan’s culinary history.

Popular mezze offerings include moutabal, smooth eggplant dip, and tabbouleh, a refreshing mix of finely chopped parsley and tomatoes, enhancing your understanding of Jordanian culinary practices.

Every Jordanian mezze portion conveys a symphony of flavors; marinated olives have an earthy touch, labneh (strained yogurt) introduces tang, while falafel provides crunchy satisfaction.

Engaging with mezze is more than just eating; it’s immersing oneself in Jordan’s cultural heritage. Each bite-sized delicacy encourages adventurous sampling, truly enchanting your palate.

Savor Delicious Arabic Sweets

Jordan’s dessert culture invites an exploration of sweetness. Indeed, sugary delights like Baklava, Kunafeh, and Halwa epitomize Jordanian hospitality and culinary traditions. Indulge in these delicious Arabic sweets for an immersive, authentic experience.

Among the array of Arabic sweets, Baklava stands out. This layered pastry, filled with nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, captures Jordan’s dessert artistry impeccably. A bite into its crispy, sweet layers offers a gastronomical journey.

Then, there’s the famous Kunafeh, reigning supreme in Jordan’s dessert kingdom. A cheese-based treat topped with shredded phyllo dough, it’s sinfully sweet and satisfying. The combination of melted cheese and perfumed sugar syrup is nothing short of divine.

Another Jewel in Jordan’s sweet crown is Halwa. A dense and delectable confection, it’s typically made with tahini, sugar, and a medley of nuts. While it may be less known than Baklava or Kunafeh, it’s a delight well worth savoring.

Sampling these traditional desserts offers a window into Jordan’s rich culinary landscape, far beyond the main courses. As you immerse yourself in testing these Arabic sweets, each delivers a unique, delectable insight into the culture and traditions of Jordan.

Try Jordan’s Signature Dish: Mansaf

Mansaf, Jordan’s signature dish, offers more than just a meal; it renders a tasteful immersion into the heart of Jordanian tradition that echoes through the layers of succulent lamb, yogurt-infused rice, and crispy shrak bread. This enticing culinary symphony is usually reserved for special occasions, presenting an unforgettable chance to connect with the cultural fabric of Jordan.

There’s nothing that encapsulates the Jordanian experience quite like the culinary journey Mansaf provides. Every mouthful is a tribute to the nation’s rich history and cherished traditions. It’s a sensory exploration that allows you to taste the land’s heritage, drawn from the finest local produce and prepared with exquisite care.

Indulging in Mansaf, you’ll find yourself savoring the depth and complexity in each bite, admiring the distinctive blend of natural flavors that represent centuries-old Jordanian cooking techniques. It’s not merely a dish, but a delightful dance of subtle spices, engaging textures, and harmonious tastes that echo Jordan’s exceptional hospitality and vibrant culture.

Experience Warm Jordanian Hospitality

Feel an immediate connection on your Jordanian adventure, as the nation takes pride in providing a warm welcome to its guests. Experience the incredible hospitality, characterized by genuine helpfulness and unparalleled kindness.

Immerse yourself in Jordanian culture as you interact with the friendly locals. Gain a deeper understanding of their customs and traditions, an opportunity provided through open-hearted conversations and shared experiences.

Stay in Luxury Resorts and Hotels

In Jordan, lavish resorts and upscale hotels add remarkable enjoyment to your journey. Sample ultimate comfort at leading establishments like the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar on the Dead Sea or the scenic Mövenpick Resort in Petra.

Redefine your travel experience with Jordan’s luxury accommodations. From the sublime serenity of the Ma’In Hot Springs Resort and Six Senses Spa to the urban chic of Amman’s The House Boutique Suites, you’re sure to find the perfect blend of opulence and authenticity.

Engage with Friendly Locals

A trip to Jordan offers not only the allure of ancient monuments and natural spectacles but also a glimpse into the heart of a warm and affable culture. Engaging with Jordanian locals, hailed for their unrivaled hospitality, provides a wealth of cultural insight, delightful experiences, and meaningful connections.

The streets of Jordan hum with the rhythm of local life. Engaging with locals uncovers the country’s true heart, steeped in age-old traditions, unwavering kindness, and bustling local markets that pulse with energy, color, and flavor.

Jordan’s friendly locals open up a world that evokes warmth and welcome. They offer enriching anecdotes of history, traditions, and their ways of life, infusing your journey with authentic and unforgettable experiences.

Engagement with locals brings out the essence of Jordanian culture. Conversations can lead to impromptu Arabic lessons, exchanges of stories, or invitations to enjoy sweet tea and traditional pastries – a rich weave of encounters that lingers in memories.

Every conversation with a Jordanian local is an insightful exchange. Whether it’s discussing the historical context of a local monument, sharing a meal or finding hidden gems, each interaction unearths a slice of the authentic Jordanian experience.

Enjoy Traditional Bedouin Hospitality

Begin your evening by immersing yourself in the heart-warming hospitality of the Jordanian Bedouins. Nestled amidst rolling desert dunes, their captivating desert camps offer a fascinating look into Bedouin life, steeped in customs and rituals that have withstood the test of time.

As dusk falls, the desert camp comes alive with melodies of traditional songs echoing in the evening air. This enchanting setting offers an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into an unfamiliar culture while witnessing the resiliency and adaptability of the desert dwellers.

The Bedouin coffee ceremony is a unique facet of Jordanian culture that often marks the end of a long day in the desert. Expect slight bitterness in the first sip, which gradually gives way to complex flavours, hinting at cardamom and nuts.

While enjoying the coffee, you will also come face to face with the Bedouins’ unparalleled hospitality. Their warm smiles and ardent wish to share their traditions are truly contagious, eliciting an instant bond with their guests.

Such experiences, providing deep insights into the Bedouin lifestyle, enrich your Jordan itinerary. They peel back layers of time, allowing you to witness first-hand the traditions and resilience inherent in one of the oldest cultures on earth.

Explore Off the Beaten Path Destinations

Venture beyond Jordan’s popular attractions to discover underrated destinations brimming with charm and cultural richness. The ancient city of Salt, the tranquil Dana Biosphere Reserve, and the hidden gem of Umm Qais capture the heart of Jordan’s unique blend of history and natural beauty.

For adventure enthusiasts, Jordan offers a plethora of pristine landscapes perfect for trekking. From the rugged trails of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, that lead to breathtaking panoramas, to the historic ruins of Umm Qais, a hiker’s paradise awaits, promising unparalleled experience in the heart of Middle East.

Visit the Ancient City of Salt

Stepping back in time, the city of Salt allows you to soak in its age-old charm. Its beautifully restored Ottoman-style houses speak proudly of an era long past, while cobblestone streets beckon explorers to walk in the footsteps of ancient traders.

Known for its traditional architecture, this ancient city offers a journey through history. From the grand merchant’s houses to the ornate mosques, the stone-stacked landscape exudes an undeniable sense of heritage.

Beneath the architecture lies the pulse of Salt, its vibrant culture. The city thrives with friendly faces, offering warm hospitality and a vivid snapshot of Jordanian life.

Moreover, Salt’s local culture is deeply-rooted in its history and traditions. Shop in bustling souks, indulge in hearty local cuisine, and engage in age-old customs that reaffirm Salt as an unspoiled gem on Jordan’s cultural landscape.

Discover the Hidden Charms of Umm Qais

What’s so intriguing about Umm Qais? You ask. Its breathtaking landscapes, laden with ancient history, promise an immersive journey through time. As a day trip destination, Umm Qais offers a rich exploration opportunity of a lifetime.

A visit to Umm Qais unveils remnants of Jordan’s rich history. Once a bustling Greco-Roman city, it now stands as a captivating window into an era long past. Galleries and theaters await history enthusiasts, along with sweeping views of the Sea of Galilee.

Extend your panoramic horizon standing on the hilltop ruins. Umm Qais’ views stretch across the Jordan Valley to the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, leaving visitors in awe with its spectacular vista. An unforgettable Sightseeing.

Immerse yourself in Jordan’s past by walking through Umm Qais’ black basalt Roman theater, Ottoman-era village, and Byzantine church. Marvel at the ravishing details, reflect on the region’s layered past.

Umm Qais also offers a chance to delve into archaeology. The local museum houses impressive artifacts discovered within the city limits, adding another dimension to your understanding of Jordan’s diverse history.

Relax in the Tranquility of the Dana Biosphere Reserve

Framed by vast valleys and rugged mountains, a retreat at Dana Biosphere Reserve offers an escape to nature’s tranquility. Lavish in the calm and serenity as you let the worries of the world fade away.

Dana Biosphere Reserve is not just a sanctuary for peace seekers, it’s also a haven of biodiversity. Embark on an exploratory walk on the wild side and observe the myriad of endemic, endangered species cohabiting in this verdant landscape.

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